Crystal grids

The Power of a Crystal Grid

Stones and crystals are commonly used in magic for one simple reason: they work! There are many different ways to use these energetic powerhouses, from holding them, to wearing them, to keeping them on your altar space. One of the most powerful ways of using crystals is by creating a crystal grid.

What is a crystal grid?

A crystal grid is just what its name says: crystals arranged in a grid shape. This allows their different energies to combine in unique ways over using crystals separately. Grids can be used to charge or program an object placed in the center of the grid, send a remote healing to someone using a photo, or even used to protect a room or building. The uses for crystal grids are as unique and varied as the stones used within them.

How is it used?

Using a crystal grid is as simple as choosing the proper stones for your intent, and arranging them in a way that either directs energy inward (toward the center) or outward (away from the center). Many practitioners like to rely on crystal points -- either natural or man-made -- to form the "bones" of the grid because their shape makes it easy to direct energy. Then, either points, chunks, or tumbled stones are used to fill in the rest. After the grid is set up, some choose to activate it by moving their dominant hand or a wand in a clockwise direction over the stones. This gets the energy moving and working toward the grid's goal.

What are some different types of grids?

Crystal grids can be set up in several different ways. One way involves creating a grid oriented to the four directions. In this method, a compass is used to find due north. Then, crystals are placed in a clockwise direction, following the compass -- north, east, south, and west.

Another way involves using pre-printed geometric patterns on paper or cloth. To use them, lay the pattern down in your chosen space, and arrange the crystals atop it. Activate the grid and say a prayer of thanks if you so choose.

Some practitioners grid entire rooms by placing the appropriate crystals in either the corners of the room, or according to the four directions. Black tourmaline is a popular choice for this.

It is also possible to create your own grid using your intuition. Let your heart guide you to choosing the right arrangement for your crystals, and trust in yourself. There is really no wrong way to create a grid -- it is a deeply personal, creative process that is unique to its creator.

A crystal grid for peace and joy.

Maybe you have been feeling a little tense. Maybe there are arguments in your home, or you just want to lift the energy and create a peaceful, joyful living space. A crystal grid can help you!

  • To start, choose the room you want to grid, and an area to work.
  • If you want to leave the grid in place for a long time, find places you can put crystals where they will not be disturbed.
  • Next, decide how you want to set up the grid. Will you use a compass, a pre-printed pattern, or your intuition?
  • Select the crystals you wish to use. Citrine is a great crystal for creating an uplifting atmosphere. Amber is a high-energy stone that promotes positivity. Moonstone and amethyst are both excellent stress-relievers and emotional healers. Sodalite helps clear the mind and calms conflict.
  • Begin laying out your crystals according to your plan.
  • If you wish, you can activate the grid by holding out your dominant hand and moving it in a clockwise direction, from the first crystal to the last, while visualizing the energy of the grid beginning to move and rise.
  • Say a few words of gratitude. Even a simple "thank you" is good.

All crystal grids are precious, sacred, and powerful in their own way. They are as much works of art as they are ways of making magic. By using crystal grids, you can not only amplify the power of your workings, you can exercise your creativity and create something beautiful.