Chris ochun spiritual reading

Let Original Products Be Your Guide On Your Spiritual Journey

There comes a time in everyone’s spiritual journey when they need guidance; a place they can turn for all of their questions about religious paths, products, and more. Here at Original Products Botanica, we pride ourselves on not only having a vast array of spiritual products but also offering guidance to help further you on your spiritual path.

Chris Ochun: World Renowned Spiritualist, Clairvoyant, and Medium

Anyone who has ever visited Original Products in the Bronx, New York knows Chris and his passion to help people. As an Ordained Reverend, Initiated priest of Santeria Lucumi, Priest of Ochun, and Priest of Palo Mayombe / Congo, he is versed in all aspects of religious and spiritual knowledge. With over twenty-five years of counseling people, he has perfected his gift of Readings, Dilogun Shell Divination, Water gazing, and Cards.

Through these methods, he empowers and elevates his clients so they can make positive changes in their lives. His reading abilities are so keen that many times, he never has to ask the clients any questions. The answers come to him through God and Spirit. Chris’ mottos are "I ask no questions and tell you like it is!" and “Never give up. Always look up!”

Chris offers spiritual counseling to anyone, near and far. Whether in person, by phone, via Skype or even email, Chris will guide you through your journey by connecting with your higher self, spirits, and ancestors.

You can even schedule your own Spiritual Consultation with Chris Ochun via this website.

Spiritually Prepared Candles

A unique service we offer is our Spiritually Prepared Candles. The way it works is you pick a candle that best represents your current goal like House Blessing or Fast Luck Candle. Our spiritualist, Chris Ochun, carefully prepares your candle with oils and other ingredients to ignite the power of your wishes. Chris then prays over your candle as he carves it with all the information you provide such as names, birth dates, and specific desires. Your Spiritually Prepared Candle is sent to you with care and burning instructions so you can be on your way to fulfilling your wishes.

Some of our candles include:

Candle Burning Service

For those who can’t burn your own candle or would prefer the candle be at our Spiritualist’s altar, we offer our special Candle Burning Service. Chris will prepare any hand-carved candle per your instruction and pray over it for you. You will get a picture of the candle before, during, and after the ritual, which usually lasts about one week. Each and every candle is unique to your situation and no two candles are alike. It’s important to understand that with any desire, the power comes from you and your intentions so be careful to set them wisely.