Spiritual effects wearing jewelry

Harnessing the Power and Benefits of Spiritual Jewelry

Wearing jewelry is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep magic on you. Crystals can gently exert their healing effects, talismans can help empower you, and amulets can protect you for as long as you wear them. Historically, some of the first jewelry may not have been for adornment at all -- there is reason to believe that it was intended to protect the wearer.

Talismans vs. Amulets

Before understanding what jewelry can do, it is good to know the difference between a talisman and an amulet. A talisman is worn to help ensure good luck, to draw power to the wearer, or to enhance the wearer's innate abilities. An amulet is worn for protection. In this sense, they are the exact opposites of each other, even though they may look very similar. An Aventurine Bracelet intended to improve the wearer's self-confidence is a talisman; a Crystal Bracelet intended to protect the wearer is an amulet.

Jewelry and the Evil Eye

Cultures all around the world firmly believe in the magic power of wishing harm on someone. In some cases, all that is needed is an unkind or envious look. Fortunately, there are as many ways to protect against the Evil Eye as there are ways to fall victim to it -- one of the easiest and most popular ways to guard yourself against it is by wearing specific jewelry. Peony Seed Bracelets or blue glass Evil Eye Protection Bracelets are two popular forms of protective jewelry designed to guard you against others who wish harm on you.

Choosing the Right Spiritual Jewelry

There are several ways to choose spiritual jewelry. Color magic relies on the colors of things to demonstrate their effects. For example, you might choose a Ruby Bracelet to draw passion to you. Certain gemstones have specific properties as well, so it is also possible to choose a piece of jewelry based on the properties of the stones themselves. Quartz crystal, as a powerful healing, energy-amplifying, colorless stone, can be used for virtually any spiritual purpose. Gods, Saints, and other religious figures also often have particular stones that are sacred to them -- wearing jewelry that contains these stones is a way to help invoke them and request their aid.

Preparing Your Jewelry

It can be tempting to put on a new piece of spiritual jewelry the moment you get it, but this is not a good idea. Jewelry is often picked up and handled by many people before it reaches you and may have absorbed bits and pieces of their energy in the process. Before you wear your jewelry, it's a good idea to cleanse it, charge it, and, if you like, consecrate it. This can be as simple or elaborate a ritual as you like.

An easy way to do this is:

  • Light some Frankincense & Myrrh incense, or burn some sage, lavender, hyssop, rosemary, or other purifying herbs. Hold the jewelry in the incense smoke, allowing any negative energy to be carried away.
  • Place the jewelry in sunlight or the light of the full moon to charge.
  • Hold it in your hands. Picture it filling with white or golden light, and say, "I charge this piece of jewelry to help me" followed by your desire. For example, "I charge this piece of jewelry to help me find a loving partner," or "I charge this piece of jewelry to help me find a good job."

If you like, consecrate the jewelry in the name of your God or Saint. You can sprinkle it with earth or salt, pass it through incense smoke, pass it through the flame of a white candle, and sprinkle it with water to consecrate it to the four elements, then hold it up high and say, "I consecrate you in the name of" your chosen deity.

Metals and gemstones are excellent at storing and radiating spiritual power. Preparing and wearing a piece of jewelry allows you to benefit from this power passively, without having to exert any extra effort on your part. As long as the jewelry is on you, you will benefit from its effects.