Cross of caravaca

The Power of the Cross of Caravaca

The Cross of Caravaca, also commonly called by its Spanish name, Caracava de la Cruz, is a symbol rich in historical significance, devotional potency, and practical ritual power. Whether used an image for devotion, as a protective sigil or charm, an amulet or talisman, or any other number of spiritual practices, the legendary cross is beloved by spiritually minded individuals of many walks, cultures, and belief systems.

It is a powerful and important symbol to have in your spell casting and ritual performing toolbox, especially as an emblem to bring good fortune, gain wealth and riches, and ward off evil.

Spiritually minded people are likely familiar with the shape and appearance of this legendary symbol. The Caracava de la Cruz is a double crucifix, meaning there are two bars extending through the vertical part of the cross instead of just one, as with more common Christian crosses. Picture one straight, upright line (|) with an "equal" sign (=) passing through it and you should have an idea of its basic form.

Upon the crucifix is the figure of Jesus Christ. On either side of the cross is an angel. The pair of angels face the figure at the center of the crucifix. In keeping with the legend, it appears that the two angels are carrying or holding the cross.


Popular legend holds that the Cross of Caravaca that it first appeared in the town of Caravaca, Spain in the 14th century, though other legends place the miraculous event in the late 1200s. At that time in history, the once Christian country of Spain had been conquered by the Moors, a Muslim people. The Moorish king, Zeyt-Abuzeyt, was doing his best to keep the Christian armies from retaking their home in Spain. Along with soldiers, the Christians also sent many missionaries into the country, hoping that they could spread the message of Christ.

As the story goes, one of these missionaries, a man named Don Gínes Pérez Chirinos de Cuenca, was captured and taken before King Zeyt-Abuzeyt. One legend says that the king was curious about the Christian faith, while another said he demanded the missionary show him the skills of his trade to see if he had any use to the kingdom. Either way, the captured missionary prepared to perform Communion, the ceremony that honors the Last Supper of Christ and his Apostles.

The king gave the missionary the altar, cloth, candles, bread, and wine he needed to complete the ceremony, but did not have a cross to give because the Muslim kingdom did not allow Christian objects. Suddenly, the king saw two angels appear at the window, carrying a cross. This was the Cross of Caravaca, which was said to contain a piece of the True Cross. Some say this miracle led the Muslim king to become a Christian.

Using the Cross

The Cross of Caravaca is important to many people, including Catholics and voodoo practitioners. It is used in prayer or as a personal amulet or talisman. Whether hung on a wall or worn on the body, the Cross has the power to bring strong health, good luck, and fortune. It can also protect from evil.

In Mexico, the Cross of Caravaca is often used to create the El Secreto de la Virtuosa Herradura, known in English as The Secret of the Virtuous Horseshoe. This amulet, which can be hung on a wall, is made up of a horseshoe wrapped in red. The horseshoe faces downward, and in the empty space sits the Cross of Caravaca. This amulet is able to bring good luck, health, good fortune, and money to whoever prays with it, as well as ward off evil intentions and gossip from their enemies.

Versions of the amulet are made that are small enough for the person to carry or wear. By carrying or wearing an image of the Cross, such as on a necklace or as a pin, the wearer is granted good luck and protection from evil. Light a Cross of Caravaca candle and recite the following prayer:

Blessed Cross of Caravaca you make marvelous things, I worship you every day of the week.
I have no doubt the world is strong because of you.
He, who defeated invokes your name, receives protection from your powerful force

The Cross of Caravaca can be held, worn, or looked upon while praying. Wearing a Cross of Caravaca bracelet is a wonderful way to invoke the protections of this sacred talisman. When used to create the Virtuous Horseshoe amulet, a special prayer called the Oracion de la Herradura, or Prayer of the Horseshoe is used. This prayer asks Jesus to protect the person and bless them with good luck, health, and riches. If you are interested on learning more about the religious symbol, the Cross of Caravaca Book is available for purchase on our website.