Magical uses spiritual water

Harnessing the Magical Uses of Spiritual Water

Few things are as important to spiritual traditions as water. Water is life, from the water in a baptismal font, to the May Day dew girls gather as a beauty charm, to the bottles of Florida water cologne used in hoodoo. It is associated with cleansing, healing, and emotions, and is involved in everything from spiritual hygiene to offerings for the spirits and ancestors. Learning to harness the power of spiritual water is a crucial part of the education of any healer, lightworker, spirit worker, priest, or priestess.

Spiritual Waters for Cleansing

Cleansing is the foundation for all magical and spiritual pursuits. It allows you to be rid of energies you do not want, so they do not interfere with your rituals. It also makes room for you to bring in the energies you do want, like luck, love, and success. Water not only cleanses people, but it can also cleanse tools and places.

Adding herbs or spiritual waters to a bucket of mop water turns it into a potent way to transform the energy of a space. White Lavender Water can cleanse a home, and promote peace and harmony. Lake Water is used to cleanse and prepare tools to make them fit for ritual use, while Sea Water is helpful for cleansing altars after a ritual, particularly after dealing with binding, banishing, or other difficult energies.

Emotional Healing with Spiritual Waters

Water, as an element, is associated with emotions. It moves in cycles with the moon, is expressed as tears of joy or sorrow, and is even present when we feel joy or love "wash over" us. As the embodiment of the water element, spiritual waters are ideal for healing and balancing emotions. As its name implies, adding Peace Water to a bath helps imbue you with serenity and a sense of peace that lasts long after the bath is over. Santa Clara Water helps remove mental blocks, provide clarity, and lift confusion.

Spiritual Waters for Attainment

Much as the tranquil vibrations of Peace Water last long after a bath, spiritual waters can be used to help bring in positive things. Roses are known as potent love herbs, and Red or White Rose Water can be added to baths or used to anoint the body for that purpose as well. Using Glory Water in ritual can allow you to be victorious over your rivals and overcome any obstacles that stand in the way of your goals.

Protecting with Spiritual Waters

Just because water is the element of healing and emotions does not mean it is not powerful. Much as raindrops can erode stone or a crashing wave can swamp a boat, water can be used as a potent tool for spiritual defense. War Water, in particular, can bring terrible misfortune to those who cross you.

Sprinkling it around the front door of an enemy, so they are forced to walk across it, can drive them away from you. It can also be used to sprinkle in an enemy's footprints, anoint a paper with their name written on it, or fill a spell bottle to cause them trouble, scare them off, or keep them far away from you.

Spiritual Waters as Offerings

Though they are called "spiritual waters," not all are waters. Some may be alcohol-based, as the libations poured for ancestral spirits. Some spirits and deities enjoy receiving sweet-smelling colognes or oils, even if they are undrinkable. Kananga Water, for example, is a cologne used in rituals for cleansing and protection but is also accepted as an offering to the spirits of the dead.

Water is a vital element acknowledged in spiritual traditions around the world, for as long as traditions have existed. Using spiritual waters magically can help you remove unwanted energies from a place or yourself, protect yourself and your home, drive away enemies, and attract love, luck, and all other good things.