Spells get back with ex

Four Spells to Get Your Ex Back

Have you ever been in a relationship that seemed like it was not meant to be? Even if you and your partner love each other, sometimes that is not enough. If you are mourning the loss of a love and want to get your ex back, here are some ways you can give yourself a little magical help:

A Moon Spell to Bring Back a Lover

It is best to do this spell seven days before the full moon, when the moon is growing. You will need a red or pink face-to-face candle, and some Union Oil or Union Sachet Powder.

To begin, cut the candle to separate the lovers. Write the name of each lover on the base of the appropriate half. Anoint each half with Union Oil, or dress them with Union Sachet Powder. Place them on a table, about seven inches apart from each other. Say,
"What drove you from me
No longer exists.
My love and my company,
You cannot resist."
Each night, move the candles one inch closer together. By the full moon, they should be next to each other. Place them on a fireproof plate, and light them. Say,
"Your love has grown,
With the waxing moon.
Your heart is mine,
I will see you soon."
Let the candles burn, so the wax mingles and makes them one again.

A Seven Day Candle Spell to Get Your Ex Back

For this spell, you will need a Double Action Heart Multicolor 7 Day Prayer Candle or Bring Back My Man Custom Big Al Candle, Come to Me oil, a piece of paper, a pen, rose buds, and lavender.

First, write your name and the name of your ex lover on the paper, and circle both names with a heart. Place the paper in a fireproof dish. Anoint the candle with Come to Me oil, set it in the dish on top of the paper, and surround it with the rose and lavender buds. Hold your hands over the candle, and picture you and your love happy together again. Say,
"With every day,
You love me more.
You return to me happier
Than ever before."
Light the candle. Allow it to burn as you picture your lover coming back to you. Snuff the candle, and repeat the spell every night for seven nights. Bury the spell remains in your back yard.

A Honey Jar to Make a Lover Return

Honey jars are a great way to "sweeten" someone's thoughts about you. For this, you will need a jar with a lid, honey or syrup, balm of Gilead, rose buds, coriander seeds, and any reminder you have of your ex-lover. This can be a lock of their hair, a piece of fabric from their clothing, a photo, a sample of their handwriting, or a paper with their name on it.

First, write your ex-lover's name on a piece of paper nine times. Turn the paper so their name is vertical, and write yours horizontally across theirs nine times as well. Cut the paper into the shape of a heart, and fold it towards you three times. Place this paper in the jar, and add the other ingredients. Add the honey or syrup last. As you pour it, picture your love returning to you. Keep the jar in a safe place until your lover comes back to you.

A Simple Lodestone Spell for Lost Love

Take a pair of red lodestones, and name each one after you and your ex-lover. Place them on your bedside table, nine inches apart. Each night, move them one inch closer together, and recite the Song of Songs 3:2-4. By the ninth night, they will be magnetically drawn to each other.

Few things are as heartbreaking as losing a relationship. Even if you and your ex separated because of a fight, you can still soothe those hurt feelings and bring your lover back to you. With a pure heart and a strong desire, you can help sweeten their feelings for you, and smooth over the difficulties in your relationship.