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Heal Emotionally With These "Forget Your Ex" Spells

Every relationship you have has an impact on you. That can make them difficult to get over, even if you know that the relationship was not a good one. Unfortunately, when part of your mental and spiritual essence is still taken up by an old relationship, it makes it difficult for you to let in a new one. What can you do if you do not want your ex back, but also cannot seem to get over them? The answer is surprisingly simple: Use a spell to forget about them so you can move on with your life.

Forget Someone You Are Energetically Connected

Part of the reason that old relationships seem to stick in your memory is the existence of etheric cords. When we are in a relationship with someone, we are connected by invisible cords of energy. These cords can persist long after the relationship itself is finished, which can make it difficult to get past your ex. As long as you are energetically connected, you will never truly forget them.

To do this, you'll need:

Write your name on one slip of paper, and your ex's name on the other. Roll them up, and tie them to each end of the string, so there's a length of string between them. Set this in front of the black candle. Say,

"The cord that once sustained us,
Now is a binding line.
I return what is yours,
And I take back what is mine."

Light the black candle. Hold each end of the string in your hands, and carefully burn through the middle with the candle's flame. Immediately drop it into the bowl of water to extinguish it. Say,

"What once bound us, binds us no more.
I go on my way, and you do not darken my door.
No longer will I remember you."

Allow the candle to burn completely, and dispose of all spell remnants far from your home.

Forget Your Ex

This spell can be done either instead of or after performing the cord cutting spell. You will need:

Dress the candles with the oil. On the paper, write your ex's full name. Position the candles in a row, with the red candle set between the two white candles. Lay the name paper down in front of the red candle.

"Where once was love, there is love no more.
What once was joy, is joy no more.
[Ex's name], your memory is a burden I no longer wish to carry.
I will carry it no more."

Light the candles. Hold the edge of the paper in the flame of the red candle until it catches fire. Drop it into the fireproof bowl and allow it to burn. When the paper has been reduced to ashes, scatter them on the wind. Dispose of the rest of the spell remnants far from your home.

Forget Someone In Your Life

What if your ex is still in your life, making it difficult to forget them? You can still get them out of your life and move on. You will need:

Begin by carving the name of each partner in the corresponding candle, and dressing it with the Cut and Clear oil. Place them on a fireproof surface. Say,

"Your presence burdens me,
Your memory confounds me.
I leave you in my past,
And cast you out of my memory."

If you are using the separation candle, cut the candle apart at the base, making one male and one female candle. Light both. Say,

"As this flame melts this wax,
We walk away and never look back."

After some time, snuff the candle. The next day, move the candles a short distance apart. Re-light them, and repeat the above chant. After the candle melts a bit, snuff it. Repeat for several days, moving the candles apart, lighting them, and snuffing them. When the candles have been fully burned, dispose of each one in a separate place far from your home.

Next, thoroughly remove every trace of your ex from your home. Donate or give away objects that remind you of them. Rearrange your furniture so your space no longer holds their energy. Mop your floors with some Spiritual Cleansing bath and floor wash.

When your home is cleansed, fill a bath or basin with clean, fresh water. Empty the rest of the Spiritual Cleansing bath and floor wash into it, and stir it with your dominant hand.

Sit in the tub and allow the energy of the bath to cleanse your aura. If you have no tub, stand in the shower and pour the basin over your head. Cover as much of your body in the wash as possible. When you are ready, step out and allow yourself to air dry. Dust your body with the Forget sachet power, and move on cleansed, renewed, and ready to move on.

Breaking up is hard to do. Even after the relationship is gone, memories and energetic ties remain. Release yourself and move on by using these spells to help you forget your ex and clear their influence from your life.