Flower magic spells rituals

Flower Magic Rituals for Love, Healing, and More

Flowers are a feast for the senses. With their bright colors, silky petals, and captivating scents, it is easy to see why they make their way into so many magical recipes. Here are some simple -- but effective -- ways for you to add a little flower magic to your spells and rituals:

A Love-Drawing Flower Spray

If you place some fresh or dried flowers in a glass jar with clean water and let them sit in the sunlight, the flower's power will transfer to the liquid. Strain the flowers out, and pour the liquid into a spray bottle or glass bowl. You can use this flower water to enhance the vibrations of a room, remove stagnant or negative energy, cleanse an altar, or prepare a sacred space for your rituals. If you keep it refrigerated, it can last up to a week or two before it needs to be replaced.

Lavender is a great flower for this. It is peaceful, healing, cleansing, and love-drawing. It is also fragrant and releases its floral scent into water easily. Add some rose buds and petals to boost their emotional healing, cleansing, and love-drawing properties.

Flower hydrosols can be used in the same way. Orange blossom water has the same sweetness, abundance, and love-drawing properties as orange flowers. Add some to a bottle of fresh water, shake to mix, and spray.

A Healing Flower Powder

Dried flowers are easy to grind to a powder with a mortar and pestle or herb grinder.

Combine Life everlasting flowers, arnica, and lavender, and grind to a powder. Sprinkle it in the corner of sick rooms, as you say...

Arnica, lavender, life everlasting.
Bring peace, bring comfort, remove illness' sting.
Arnica, lavender, life everlasting.

Sweep up the old powder each day, and repeat the spell.

Protective Flower Salt

Roses are one of the most versatile magical ingredients. In addition to drawing in love, they have some very strong protective vibrations. Combine rose petals, elder flowers, and sea salt for a mixture that busts negativity and creates a magical boundary against evil. This can be used to draw a border in homes, across doorways, and around ritual spaces.

Passionate Spiritual Bath

Creating a spiritual bath is easy. You can either do it one bath at a time or make a large batch to use as needed. All you need to do is combine dried flowers, mix in a drop or two of essential oil, and tell the flowers what you want them to do for you. Add a few tablespoons to hot water, allow the flowers to steep, then pour the liquid into a bathtub or wash basin full of fresh water. Step into the bath, immerse yourself as much as you can, and let the flowers do their work!

If you decide to make a large batch, keep the dried flower and essential oil mixture in a glass container with a tight-fitting lid. Do not steep it until you are ready to use it. This will let it keep for several months.

Mix together rose, jasmine, passion flower, and hibiscus with a few drops of rose oil. Steep and add the liquid to a bath, and stir it clockwise with your right hand. As you do this, say...

Flower scent and flower petal,
Take my passions to the next level.
Passiflora, jasmine, hibiscus, and rose,
Like fresh, sweet water, my love flows.

After the bath, step out and allow yourself to air-dry.

Flowery Sleep and Dream Magic

The fragrance of flowers can have a powerful effect on our mental states, so they are very popular for spells and rituals involving sleep and dreams.

Linden and hops flowers are known for helping bring peaceful sleep. Elder is very protective against evil and negativity and is often used in sleep magic. Lavender brings in peace and tranquility, calendula flowers protect against nightmares, and arnica can help boost psychic powers. Place them in a soft bag or pillow and close them securely. Keep it under your regular bed pillow, and breathe in the scent every night before bed as ask the herbs for their help. If you like, you can refresh the fragrance by adding a drop of lavender oil every few months.

Flowers are potent magical entities all on their own. No matter whether you choose to use essential oils, dried flowers, or vases full of fresh, bright blooms, they can help add some powerful vibes to your spells and rituals.