Saint barbara prayers rituals

Honoring St. Barbara

Saint Barbara was a beautiful and charitable woman who was martyred by her father. Her story has made her a tragic figure who is invoked for protection against fires and lightning. She is also petitioned to help with matters involving healing and love. Because of her indomitable spirit, some faiths syncretize her with the Yoruban deity Shango.

The History of Saint Barbara

Barbara was born in what is now Turkey or Lebanon, to a family that followed the Greco-Roman pantheon. As Christianity began to grow in popularity, her father wanted to protect his daughter from what he saw as dangerous heresy. So, he sealed her up in a tower, strictly controlled who she was allowed to see, and sent her food in a basket on a rope. One day, a book of Christian writings was hidden in the basket and sent to her instead. Once Barbara read them, she became obsessed with the desire to learn more -- so much so that she became very ill.

Her father sent for a doctor, but a priest arrived instead. Without realizing this, he sent the man to heal his daughter. When she became well and demanded a third window be placed in her tower, her father questioned her. Upon finding out that she wanted it as a reminder of the Holy Trinity, he demanded she renounce her faith. She refused, even after torture, humiliation, and threats of death. Her father finally grabbed her by her long, flowing hair, and cut off her head. Just as he did, lightning struck him, killing him instantly. She is revered for the strength of her faith, and the circumstances of her martyrdom.

Petitioning Saint Barbara

Saint Barbara was deprived of any company while she was shut up in the tower, except for the suitors her father presented to her. For this reason, she is sometimes called upon to help with matters of love. Because of her illness, she is also petitioned for healing. Due to her father's death by lightning, she is called upon to protect from lightning and fires, and is the patron saint of all those who work with explosives or firearms.

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To bring yourself courage in the face of adversity, light a saint candle dressed with Saint Barbara oil. As the fire burns, envision the fire of courage growing within you. Ask Saint Barbara for her protection, and affirm that you have nothing to fear. Carry a medal or talisman of Saint Barbara as a physical symbol of her protection and bravery in the face of adversity.

A Prayer to Saint Barbara

Saint Barbara's feast day is December 4th. If you like, set up an altar to her, including a statue. Light a stick of devotional incense, and relax. Visualize your need -- do you require courage? Is there something you are afraid of? When you know what you need, pray:

"O Saint Barbara, I offer this prayer to you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
With a sword bearing your illustrious name, Saint Barbara, I make a sign of the cross over my heart.
I pray that your spirit by my faith, that your protection and justice be my guide, and from all my heart I beg that you grant this petition.
(Here, you can state your request.)
I hope to obtain this help through your grace.

Repeat this prayer for nine days.

Saint Barbara was an extraordinary young woman who lost her freedom, her health, her chance at love, and ultimately her life for her faith. If you are in a place where you need some extra bravery, divine protection, or assistance with love or healing, call upon her for help.