Most powerful hand

Most Powerful Hand For Help, Support and Protection

The "Most Powerful Hand" or "La Omnipotente Mano Poderosa" is a revered symbol in Christian spirituality, embodying the profound intercession of the Holy Family and saints for believers in need. This iconographic representation includes Jesus at its center, marked by the stigmata on his palm, a sign of his crucifixion and sacrifice for humanity.

Surrounding Jesus are figures of the Virgin Mary, Joseph, and his grandparents, Saint Anne and Saint Joachim, forming a sacred lineage that underscores the familial aspect of divine support and guidance.

This powerful symbol is not just a representation of familial unity but also serves as a beacon of hope, offering spiritual protection, support, and guidance. Believers turn to the "Most Powerful Hand" in moments of despair or when seeking divine intervention, using images, prayers, and other devotional tools dedicated to it.

The bleeding stigmata on Jesus' hand serve as a poignant reminder of his suffering and his ultimate sacrifice, reinforcing the belief in his omnipotent ability to aid, protect, and bless those who invoke his name and that of his holy lineage.

Blessing and Protecting Your Home

One of the ways you can ask the Holy Family for help is by preparing your surroundings. Thoroughly clean your entire home. Air it out by opening windows and doors to allow sunlight and fresh breezes in. If you have preferred herbs or floor washes for spiritual cleansing (like sage or Spiritual Cleansing Big Al Bath & Floor Wash), use them now.

Next, wash the floors from front to back (to draw good things in) using Most Powerful Hand Bath & Floor Wash. Next, fumigate your space with Most Powerful Hand incense—either stick incense or powder works fine, but you will want to use a fireproof dish for powder.

Carrying the incense, walk in a clockwise direction around each room. Use a feather, fan, or your hand to ensure that the smoke penetrates every corner. As you do this, say...

Holy Family,
Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Saint Anne, and Saint Joachim,
I ask for your help, guidance, and protection at this time.
I have need for [state any need you may have here],
And it grieves me greatly.
Please, offer me your blessings and support.

Asking The Holy Family For Help

Of course, there are times when you will not be able to perform a complete house cleansing and blessing. That is fine! You can still petition the Holy Family for help. Anoint a Most Powerful Hand Candle with a few drops of Helping Hand Oil, rubbing in a clockwise direction around the wick. Place it on a safe, fireproof surface, and set an image of the Most Powerful Hand beside it. This can be a statue or simply a printed image or Prayer Card.

Take a moment to calm your mind and visualize what you need help with. As you light the candle, pray sincerely from the bottom of your heart. You can recite the prayer above, or create your own in the moment. The most important thing is sincerity, and a willingness to be open to their help and blessings.

You can allow the candle to burn fully (snuff it out if you need to leave it for any length of time, then light it again later), or burn it in sections. When the candle is used up, bury it near your front door to attract blessings and support to you.

Praying Daily to The Holy Family

Some people choose to keep an image of the Most Powerful Hand on them at all times and say a daily prayer. You can wear a Most Powerful Hand Bracelet as a reminder that you have the support of the Holy Family, and recite the included prayer each morning when you put it on. If that is not possible, you can also keep a Laminated Prayer Card in your wallet, purse, or pocket.

Each day, take it out, look at it, and recite the prayer on the back. Do not treat this as a chore—pray sincerely, and give yourself a moment of peace to experience the spiritual connection there. If you are receptive, you may find that you are given support and guidance in the form of special signs.

The Novena of The Most Powerful Hand

The Novena of the Most Powerful Hand is a devotion that spans nine days, dedicated to seeking the intercession of the Holy Family—Jesus, Mary, and Joseph—along with Saints Anne and Joachim, for help, support, and protection.

This novena would typically be said during times of great need or when facing significant challenges. It can be used to ask for divine intervention in various situations, such as seeking healing, protection from harm, guidance during difficult decisions, or support in overcoming obstacles.

Use this novena in any situation that feels beyond your control or when you feel particularly in need of the powerful intercession that the Most Powerful Hand symbolizes.

O Powerful Hand of God!
I place my Christian soul before Thee,
and in my despair and anguish,
beseech Thee to bring the most powerful strength of
Thy Helping Hand to come to my rescue.

Help me to keep You in view,
I place the devotion of my sorrowful heart at Thy feet
that I may be pardoned from a destiny of suffering.

May the loving kindness of Thy Sacred Heart
and the wonders of Thy Powerful Hand
help me and give me strength and
wisdom to live in peace and happiness.


[Say your petition here]

Say the "Our Father" three times

Say the "Hail Mary" three times

Say the "Glory Be" three times

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Have mercy on us.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Have mercy on us.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Have mercy on us.

In invoking the "Most Powerful Hand," we are reminded of the profound spiritual support available through faith and devotion. This potent symbol, representing the Christian Holy Family and the saints Anne and Joachim, serves as a beacon of hope and divine protection for anyone facing adversity.

With these home blessings, emergency petitions, daily veneration, and the novena, you can draw closer to this divine assistance, seeking guidance, support, and protection in times of need.

In embracing the "Most Powerful Hand," believers harness a spiritual tool of immense strength, affirming the power of faith to transcend earthly challenges and secure peace and happiness.