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Put An End To Injustice With St. Elias

Almost everyone experiences injustice at some time or another. It might be a legal injustice, through the court system, or just from an unfair situation in life. It is not uncommon to find spells and rituals to help combat injustice and right wrongs. Many Catholics ask Saint Elias for help with unfair situations and putting an end to wrongdoing. Even if you are not Catholic, you can request his help to put things right again.

Who was St. Elias?

When Saint Elias was born, his father had a vision of angels. These angels were hovering around the baby, wrapping him in fire and feeding him flames. This was a premonition of the saint's fiery character and zeal.

At that time, the Kingdom of Israel consisted of ten tribes and had its capital in Samaria. The kingdom was ruled by a man named King Ahab, who had a Syrian wife named Jezebel. Jezebel followed the religion of her people, and convinced her husband to do the same. As a result, the people of Israel were turning their backs to the Christian god, and worshiping Ba'al instead.

Elias prayed intensely for the King and Queen to be punished. Soon, his prayers were answered: There was a draught and famine for three years and six months, and fire came down from the sky. The priests of Ba'al asked for rain, but none came. Elias prayed, and it rained. He also performed several other miracles, including saving a widow's son and multiplying the food in her pantry.

Elias' prayers had power because he did not pray for himself. All of his prayers were for others. He prayed for Ahab's people to receive mercy, and to help the poor widow and her son. He prayed for spiritual things and to right wrongs. For this reason, people reach out to him to put an end to injustices.

Petitioning St. Elias to End Wrongdoing

If someone has wronged you and you want things to be put right, you can create a space for Saint Elias. Place an image of him, whether it is a St. Elias Statue or a St. Elias Prayer Card, in a place of honor in your home. In front of this, place a 7 Day San Elias Candle dressed with some San Elias Oil. Every day, for seven days, light the candle. Sit peacefully in front of it, and request Saint Elias' help. You can speak directly from the heart, or pray...

Saint Elias, zealous, fiery man,
Your prayers pleased God so that he stopped the rain.
You were not frightened of an earthly King or Queen.
I ask you, Saint Elias. Help me right the wrongs that have been done against me.
Correct the injustices, that I might be free to care for my body and soul.

Right the Wrongs Around You

Sometimes, people around you are the ones who perpetuate harm or injustice against you. In that case, it is important to cleanse your space of their influence. Use Saint Elias Bath & Foor Wash to mop your floors from back to front, as you ask the saint for help. When you are through, light some Saint Elias Incense Powder and carry it through your home. As you walk, say...

Saint Elias, I ask for your help in righting the wrongs done against me and my loved ones.
Fiery Saint Elias, please work to end the injustice against me.

Correcting Legal Injustice with Saint Elias

There may be times where you have to walk into an unjust situation. Whether it is in a courtroom, at work, or elsewhere, you can carry some of Saint Elias' protection with you.

First, bathe using Saint Elias Bath & Floor Wash in fresh, clean water. Relax as much as you can, and envision yourself surrounded by the fiery protection of the saint. When you are through, step out of the tub, and allow yourself to air dry. Next, dress yourself with some Saint Elias Sachet Powder or St. Elias Perfume. While you do this, picture yourself putting on a suit of armor that deflects any harm sent your way. Say...

Zealous Saint Elias, there are those who wish to do me wrong.
I ask that you use the power of your prayer to ensure that justice is served,
for my good and the good of all.

Put on a Saint Elias Medal or Saint Elias Sword Charm, and walk into the situation with your head held high, knowing you are protected.

Whether you are the victim of injustice at the hands of the law, a boss, or even someone in your social circle, you can ask for spiritual help. Saint Elias is the righter of wrongs and bringer of justice, and petitioning him for aid can help get you the relief you need.