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Blockbuster (Rompe Bloquear) Oil

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Blockbuster Oil (Aceite de Rompe Bloquear) is a natural and powerful blend of high-quality ingredients designed to help you release negative energy, overcome obstacles, and connect with your spiritual path. It promotes spiritual cleansing, relaxation, and overall well-being.

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Blockbuster Oil is a spiritual tool that can help you to release negative energy and overcome obstacles that may be blocking your spiritual growth and connection to the divine. Our powerful blend of high-quality plant-based ingredients, including essential oils of black pepper, frankincense, and juniper, is specifically chosen for its ability to purify, protect, and enhance spiritual energy.

Blockbuster Oil is formulated to support your spiritual journey, helping you to clear the way for new opportunities, growth, and transformation. Whether you are seeking to connect with your higher self, release negative energy, or overcome spiritual blocks, Blockbuster Oil can help you to achieve your goals and create a clear path towards your desired outcomes.

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How to Use Blockbuster Oil

There are several ways to use Blockbuster Oil, including:

  • Adding a few drops to your pulse points, such as your wrists or neck, to promote spiritual cleansing and relaxation.
  • Anointing candles, crystals, or other objects that hold special meaning for you, to cleanse their energy and infuse them with positive energy.
  • Adding it to your bathwater, to cleanse your body and infuse your environment with positive energy.
  • Using it in a diffuser, to cleanse your environment and promote relaxation and spiritual well-being.

When using Blockbuster Oil, it's important to set your intention for its use, and to focus your energy and attention on your desired outcome. Take a few deep breaths, and visualize the negative energy, obstacles, or blockages being released and cleared away, making room for positive energy and new opportunities to come into your life.

Blockbuster Prayer

May this Blockbuster Oil cleanse and release any negative energy, obstacles, or blockages that are preventing me from achieving my goals and connecting with my higher self. May it open the way for positive energy, growth, and transformation to come into my life. I trust that the divine energy within me and around me will guide me towards my highest good.