Blockbreaker Candle 7 Day

Blockbreaker 7 Day 1 Color Prayer Candle

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Burn our 7 Day Blockbreaker prayer candle to break up any crossed condition and open your path to prosperity. For added strength place a few drops of our Blockbuster Oil on top of the candle as you burn it.

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Our spiritualist will say a prayer over your candle, light it, and place it on our altar. You will receive one photo of your lit candle via email. NOTE: It may take 7-10 days to receive your photo, so please be patient.
Let our spiritualist pray over and bless your candle, amulet, talisman, or jewelry item.

Unlock your path to prosperity with our 7 Day Blockbreaker prayer candle. Designed to break up any negative energy or obstacles, this candle will help clear your path to success. For added power and potency, pair it with our Blockbreaker Oil and place a few drops on top of the candle as it burns.

  • 2 1/2" Wide and 8 1/4" Tall
  • This candle will burn for approximately 140 hours
  • 100% Paraffin Wax