Black walnut leaves

Black Walnut Leaves

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Black Walnut leaves have spiritual and medicinal properties, traditionally used to remove negative energy, purify the body and spirit, promote good health, and increase personal power. In spiritual practices, they are used to banish negativity, protect against evil, and enhance spell work, often burned as incense, placed in a mojo bag, or used in ritual.

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Black Walnut leaves have been used in various rituals and ceremonies for their spiritual and medicinal properties. In traditional medicine, they were used to remove negative energy and purify the body and spirit. They were also believed to promote good health and well-being. In spiritual practices, Black Walnut leaves were used to banish negative energy, protect against evil, and increase personal power. They were often burned as incense, placed in a mojo bag or sachet, or used in spell work.

Use the Black Walnut leaves to hex your enemies. Write your intent on a piece of our Sheepskin Parchment Paper with our Dragon's Blood Ink. Roll the parchment and Walnut leaves into a ball and throw it into your enemy's yard.

  • Cut Leaves available in 1oz, 1/2lb & 1lb quantities