How open third eye chakra

Open Your Third Eye and Super Charge Your Intuition

The third eye is a popular concept in meditation and visualization. It originally comes from Hindu Tantrism, like all of the other chakras, but has made its way into many other practices around the world. When sending energy out, people are often encouraged to visualize it as emanating from this area. During divination, they may anoint, massage, or otherwise "activate" it. As with the other chakras, if the third eye becomes blocked or imbalanced, it can wreak havoc on your body and mind.

This chakra is also known as Ajna. It is the sixth chakra, and is located on the forehead (approximately over the location of the pineal gland of the brain). Its color is indigo, and it is depicted as a two-petaled flower. Its element is considered the combination of all other elements: earth, water, fire, and air. This chakra is associated with concentration, consciousness, awareness, and perception.

How Can I Tell If My Third Eye Is Closed?

If your third eye chakra is blocked, it will close you off from living your life fully. You will not be receptive to your intuition, and will have trouble receiving messages. You might even feel disconnected, like you have lost your purpose in life, or even experience a "fear of the unknown" -- really an inability to trust your instincts and intuition. Physically, you might experience sinus pressure, headaches, migraines, or sensitivity to light. Mentally, you might feel depression or anxiety.

It can be tough to tell whether your chakra is blocked or not, especially when you are made to doubt your own perceptions. Fortunately, there are other ways you can test your chakras:

  • Use a pendulum. For the third eye chakra specifically, you may want to choose one of the corresponding color, like lapis. If not, choose one made of brass, clear quartz, or the colors of all of the chakras. While reclining, hold (or have a friend hold) the pendulum above your forehead. Pay attention to how it moves. Ideally, the motion should be round and balanced. If it is sluggish, very fast, or erratic, it can indicate a problem.
  • Visualize your third eye. While you do this, try to project energy from it as a beam of light. What color is this light? How bright is it? Do you feel any tightness or pain while you do this?
  • Feel your energy. Hold your non-dominant hand a few inches in front of your forehead, palm facing you. Try to project energy from your third eye. You should feel it as a faint warmth or tingling on your palm. How does it feel?

Healing, Balancing, and Unblocking the Third Eye Chakra

If you think your third eye might have a problem, or one of the tests above indicate that something is up, you can heal, balance, or unblock your chakra. No two people will respond the same way to the same things, so figure out which method or combination of methods works for you. Try:


The third eye's color is indigo, so indigo crystals are the clear choice here. It is best to wear the crystals on or near the chakra you are trying to help, or take some time to relax and lay the stone on your forehead. Lapis lazuli, amethyst, and sodalite are all inexpensive, easy-to-find options.


Wearing and surrounding yourself with a chakra's color can also help stimulate it. For the third eye, this is dark blue. Wear dark blue clothing and jewelry. Add a bit of blue to your decor, like blue candles.


Aromatherapy may be a little tricky. Problems with the third eye chakra often trigger headaches or migraines, which can be worsened by strong smells. If you want to try, use frankincense, sandalwood, lavender, lemon, or clary sage -- all third eye-stimulating scents that are unlikely to aggravate a headache. Try diluting them in some sunflower or jojoba oil and anointing your forehead between your brows.


All chakras respond well to affirmations. If you make them a habit, you can train your brain to accept these words as truth. Write or say...

I am connected to divine wisdom.
I am an intuitive being.
I see and honor the truth.
I trust my intuition.
I am connected to divine wisdom.


As the chakra of the mind, the third eye responds well to simple meditative rituals like this:

Dress a blue candle with a few drops of Meditation oil, light some sandalwood incense, close your eyes, and relax. Visualize blue light entering your third eye, opening and cleansing it. If you wish, place an appropriate crystal over this spot and repeat the affirmations above. When you feel ready, open your eyes, snuff the candle, and repeat as needed.


A blocked or unbalanced third eye can cause poor sleep, nightmares, or even an inability to remember your dreams. The trouble is, poor sleep can also negatively impact your third eye. To correct this, do everything you can to maintain good sleep hygiene. Do not read or eat in bed, do not drink alcohol or coffee late at night, and avoid looking at screens before bed. Make your bedroom the calmest, most restful sanctuary you can. When you awaken, write down any dreams or fragments of dreams that you remember.

A clear, open third eye connects you to invaluable guidance. It makes it easy to trust the world, rely on your intuition, and find your life's purpose. If you feel that you are suffering from the symptoms of a blocked third eye, these methods can help.