Yerba Santa Wand

Yerba Santa Wands

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The Yerba Santa Wand is a tool for spiritual cleansing and healing, made from dried Yerba Santa leaves known for sacred properties. This wand brings nature's energy into your space, with a potent and aromatic smoke for purifying and balancing energy. Ideal for personal healing or space cleansing, it uplifts and refreshes the spirit with its rich, earthy scent.


The Yerba Santa Wand is a powerful tool for spiritual cleansing and healing. Made from the dried leaves of the Yerba Santa plant, known for its sacred and medicinal properties, this wand is crafted to bring the energy of nature into your space. The natural herbs are carefully selected and bound together to create a potent and aromatic smoke, perfect for purifying and balancing your energy. Whether you're using it for personal healing or to cleanse your space, the Yerba Santa Wand is an essential tool for your spiritual practice. Its rich, earthy scent will uplift and refresh your spirit, leaving you feeling renewed and rejuvenated.

How to Burn a Yerba Santa Wand

Here's a simple guide for burning a Yerba Santa Wand:

  • Prepare your space: Choose an undisturbed location, open windows for smoke circulation.
  • Light the wand: Light the end over a fireproof dish.
  • Fan the smoke: Use hand or feather to direct smoke, set an intention.
  • Smudge space: Start at entrance, move clockwise, smudge self, pets, objects.
  • Extinguish wand: Gently press into fireproof dish or sand.
  • Clean up: Dispose of fireproof dish and residue safely.

Smudging Ceremony Prayer

Great Spirit, Creator of all that is,
Bless this smudging ritual and guide its energy.
Purify and cleanse this space with the smoke from this sacred herb.
May this smudging bring peace, love, and positivity to all who enter here.
So be it.

  • Approximately 8" in Length