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Yarrow Flowers

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Yarrow is known for its protective and healing properties, offering protection when worn and courage when held. It is also used in love spells and said to enhance lasting love and psychic abilities, as well as attracting friends and loved ones when infused into tea or used in decorations.

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Yarrow Flowers are a cherished natural remedy with a long history of traditional use in spiritual and wellness practices. Known for their calming and protective energy, Yarrow Flowers are believed to help promote inner peace, clarity, and emotional balance. They are also thought to offer a protective shield, helping to defend against negativity and purifying the aura. Yarrow Flowers are often used in divination and divination rituals, as well as for spells and rituals focused on healing, protection, and emotional stability. Whether you're looking for spiritual growth, inner peace, or physical well-being, Yarrow Flowers are a versatile and powerful natural remedy that can help support your journey.

Wearing Yarrow is said to offer protection, while holding it in the hand dispels fear and instills courage. Dried Yarrow placed near the bed or used in wedding decorations is believed to ensure a love lasting seven years. It is also used in love spells and said to attract both love and desired friends and relatives. Drinking Yarrow tea is believed to enhance psychic abilities.

To overcome anxiety write your concerns on a piece of Sheepskin Parchment Paper and put it inside a White Bag with some Yarrow Flowers. Carry the bag with you to overcome your fears.

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