Thick copa 11776

Glass Goblet (Copa Gruesa)

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Transform this solid glass goblet into a beautiful oil lamp. Simply add your preferred lamp oil to the goblet, place the floating wicks (mechitas) on the surface, and voila! Your instant oil lamp is ready to use.


How to Make a Oil Lamp

  1. Gather materials: You will need a glass goblet, a wick, lamp oil and a wick holder (all included in a pack of floating wicks/mechitas)
  2. Insert the wick: Place the wick inside the goblet, making sure that it is centered and resting at the bottom of the goblet.
  3. Attach the wick holder: Secure the wick to the goblet by attaching a wick holder around the wick and goblet. This will keep the wick in place and allow it to soak up the oil.
  4. Fill the goblet with oil: Slowly pour lamp oil into the goblet, making sure that the wick stays centered and straight. Fill the goblet until the oil reaches just below the rim.
  5. Light the wick: Once the oil has been added, light the wick and allow it to burn until it has fully soaked up the oil.
  6. Enjoy your oil lamp: Place your new oil lamp in a safe location, and enjoy the warm, flickering light that it provides. To keep your oil lamp burning, simply add more oil and trim the wick as needed.

32oz Goblet