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Silver Magnetic Sand

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Silver magnetic sand, made from finely ground iron, is commonly used in magic to attract money, love, luck, and success. It is often combined with lodestones, oils, and herbs to enhance its power and specificity. There are several ways to use magnetic sand in magic, such as dressing or charging talismans, adding to incense or candles, and outlining a sacred space, or combining with cinnamon to enhance the spell's power

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Magnetic sand is a popular tool in the practice of magic, utilized for its ability to attract money, love, luck, and success. It is created from finely ground iron and has a texture similar to traditional sand. To increase its power and specificity, it is often combined with other materials in magic such as lodestones, oils, and herbs.

There are several ways to incorporate magnetic sand into your magic practices. One way is to use it to dress or charge talismans, such as lodestones. This involves mixing the magnetic sand with oil or herbs related to your desired outcome, then using it to anoint the talisman. Another option is to add the sand to incense or sprinkle it on candles during ritual. This can help to focus the energy of the spell and draw specific influences. Outlining a sacred space with the sand can also aid in attracting your desired outcome.

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