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San Simón Statue 12"

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Elevate your spiritual space with our intricately designed San Simón Resin Statue. Standing 12 inches tall, this impressive figurine pays homage to the legendary folk saint known as San Simón, also referred to as Maximón or Mam in different Central American cultures.


This San Simón Resin Statue is masterfully crafted from high-quality, durable resin, ensuring it will retain its detailed features and radiant finish for years to come. The figure embodies the distinctive traditional attire of San Simón, complete with colorful clothing, hat, and cigar, capturing the unique charm of this celebrated figure.

  • Resin statue
  • 12" tall

Praying to Saint Simón

San Simón, who is also called Maximón or Mam, is an important figure in Mexico, some areas of Guatemala, and other Central American countries. He's a complex character, and not everyone views him in the same way. But a lot of people pray to him when they need help. They ask for his protection, for success, or for solutions to tough problems.

San Simón is known for representing both the good and bad sides of life. So, some people might pray to him for help in tricky situations that aren't clearly right or wrong, or when the rules of society or religion don't seem to fit their needs.

People who pray to San Simón often give him gifts, like alcohol, tobacco, and money. It's like a trade: they give him these things and ask for his help in return.

A Prayer to Saint Simón

San Simón, Powerful Guardian and Friend,
I come to you in this time of need and uncertainty,
Asking for your guidance and your protection.

May your wisdom illuminate the path before me,
And your strength fortify me against the challenges that lie ahead.
I offer you this token of respect and gratitude,
Acknowledging the balance of life's joys and trials.

Help me navigate these waters, fair and foul,
With courage, integrity, and a heart resilient.
May your watchful eye be upon me, San Simón,
As I journey through the highs and lows of this life.