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Jesus Malverde Statue 10"

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Jesús Malverde, possibly born as Jesús Juarez Mazo (1870–1909), sometimes known as the “generous bandit”, “angel of the poor”, or the “narco-saint”, is a folklore hero in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. He was of Yoreme and Spanish heritage. He is a “Robin Hood figure” who was supposed to have stolen from the rich to give to the poor.


Jesus Malverde, who may have been born Jesus Juarez Mazo (1870-1909), is a folk hero in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. He is known by various names, including the "generous bandit," "angel of the poor," and "narco-saint." Jesus Malverde was of Yoreme and Spanish descent and is considered a Robin Hood-like figure who allegedly stole from the wealthy to provide for the poor.

  • 10" Resin Jesus Malverde Statue.

Who Was Jesús Malverde?

Jesús Malverde is a legendary figure and a folk saint in Mexican culture. He is often referred to as the "patron saint of the drug lords" or the "angel of the poor."

There are many different stories about the life of Jesús Malverde, and it is unclear whether he was a real person or a mythological figure. According to popular legend, he was a Robin Hood-like bandit who stole from the rich and gave to the poor in the late 19th century. He was eventually captured by the authorities and executed, becoming a martyr for the poor and the oppressed.

Over time, Jesús Malverde became a popular folk hero in Mexico, and his legend grew to include stories of his miraculous powers and his ability to protect people from harm. Many people in Mexico and other parts of Latin America now venerate Jesus Malverde as a saint and pray to him for protection, healing, and guidance.

Why Do People Pray to Jesús Malverde?

The reasons why someone might pray to Jesus Malverde can vary depending on their personal beliefs and circumstances. In general, however, people who venerate Jesus Malverde often do so because they see him as a protector and a source of strength and guidance.

Many people who pray to Jesus Malverde believe that he has the power to protect them from harm, whether it be a physical danger, illness, or financial hardship. They may also see him as a symbol of resistance against oppression and a champion of the poor and marginalized.

Some people also believe that Jesus Malverde has the power to help them in their personal relationships, whether it be by bringing them love and companionship or by healing broken relationships.