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Saint Clare (Santa Clara) Oil

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Saint Clare (Santa Clara) Oil can be used for clearance and protection. Saint Clare can also be petitioned whenever you are experiencing difficulties or fear.

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Saint Clare (Santa Clara) Oil can be utilized for both protection and removing obstacles. If you are facing challenges or feeling scared, you can also ask for her help.

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What Saint Clare (Santa Clara) Oil Does

Santa Clara Oil, also known as Saint Clare Oil, is used in spiritual or religious rituals for purification and protection. It is believed that petitioning Saint Clare can provide clearance and protection, and the use of the oil can enhance these effects. Some people use the oil to anoint candles, bless themselves or others, or sprinkle it in their homes or workspaces.

How To Use Saint Clare (Santa Clara) Oil

Place a few drops of Saint Clare (Santa Clara) oil on a candle before lighting it to enhance the candle's energy and intention. You can also, apply a few drops of the oil to items such as statues, talismans, or rosary beads for added spiritual protection. For anointing, apply a small amount of oil to the forehead, temples, wrists, or other parts of the body. Santa Clara oil can also be used in an oil diffuser or added to a warm bath for aromatic and energetic benefits.

A Prayer For Saint Clare (Santa Clara)

"Dear Saint Clare,
You lived a life of simplicity, humility and love.
You understood the importance of prayer and devotion.
You dedicated your life to God and helped those in need.
Please intercede for me now and help me in my time of need.
I ask for your protection and guidance.
May I have the strength to follow your example and live my life in a way that is pleasing to God.