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Rituals to Kick the Drama in Your Life to the Curb

Some people are drama factories, while other people have no time for all that. If drama from your boss, your family, your friend circle, or anywhere else has been draining your energy and making things difficult for you, you do not need to take it. Even if you are dealing with a situation that makes confrontation difficult, you can use spells and ritual to help smooth things in your life.

Rituals to Clear the Energy

Drama, from any source, leaves lasting impressions on energy. This can be the energy in your home, your workplace, or even yourself. Before you do anything else, you need to start with a clean, renewed energetic slate.

If your home is affected, the first step is a home cleansing ritual. To begin, open your windows, put on some uplifting music, and light a Frankincense & Myrrh candle in the heart of your home. Add some 4 Thieves Vinegar or Spiritual Cleansing Bath & Floor Wash. Mop your home from back to front. Then, light some Clearance Incense Powder, frankincense and myrrh resins, La Bomba Incense Powder, or white sage leaves. Carry this through your entire home, allowing the smoke to reach every corner, while chanting, "No more negativity remains here, I cleanse this space."

If you are affected, begin the ritual by taking a bath with Tartago Bath & Floor Wash or bitter herbs. Allow the water to cover every part of you, ensuring that all of the negative energy is cleansed away. When you are through, discard the water by throwing it over your left shoulder. After bathing, sit quietly with a Forgive, Burn & Cleanse candle. Follow the meditation to help release any remaining feelings of pain or negativity you may be holding inside.

If your job is affected, you can do the same ritual that you would do for your home. If mopping and burning incense is not an option, that is okay -- you can do something subtle, like sprinkle Cast Off Evil sachet powder around your desk or work station, or use a cleansing wash on your desk or counter, as you affirm that you are clearing away all of the drama.

Rituals to Smooth the Energy

After cleansing away the energetic effects of the drama, it is time to keep it from affecting your again.

As in the previous ritual, wash your space with Peace Big Al Bath & Floor Wash to promote tranquility. When you are through, sprinkle Peace sachet powder around your home or business while you chant, "Only peace may remain here."

Take a spiritual bath in Peace Water, and anoint yourself with Peace Oil. Lavender is also known to help promote feelings of calm, relaxation, and tranquility. Keep a sachet of lavender flowers on you, or in your desk or workstation, to help keep the vibes tranquil.

Rituals to Turn the Energy

Now, it is time to identify the problem. Is there a situation in your home or workplace that is contributing to drama? Do you have toxic people around you who enjoy stirring up trouble? If you can spot a problem that needs fixing, now is the time to work on a solution to keep trouble from rearing its ugly head again. If you have others around you who are negatively impacting your life, now is the time to turn things around and tell them to move on.

If there is an unwanted person in your home or business, your work might have to be subtle to keep them from noticing what you are doing. Sprinkle a little Banishing or Get Out sachet powder to help give them the impetus to leave. If you have to be around this person, anoint yourself with Get Out Oil to keep them away from you, or wear some Saint Elias sachet powder to protect yourself. Before you encounter this person, take a moment to visualize yourself surrounded by a shield of golden light -- even if they try to start trouble, none of their negativity will stick to you!

You cannot control the way other people bring drama into your life, but you can control how you respond to it. With these rituals to clear the drama away, bring peace, remove the cause of the drama, and shield yourself, you will be able to rise above whatever nonsense anyone else tries to bring you.