Rose rituals for love

Rose Rituals for Love

Roses are magically versatile -- it is said they can substitute for any other flower in rituals -- but love is where they really shine. They are useful for all forms of love, from platonic to passionate, and are a gentle, easy-to-use herb that even beginners can successfully employ to bring love into their lives.

Rose Bathing Ritual

Rose baths and perfumes are an excellent foundation for love rituals. They help suffuse you and your aura with loving energy that you can carry with you throughout the day. Using them is simple, too.

Take a bath or shower to get yourself physically clean. Then, draw a fresh bath and add some Rose Bath & Floor Wash to the water. Mix it well with your dominant hand, envisioning the water filling with glowing, loving energy. Step into the bath, soak, and relax. As you do, picture yourself surrounded by the kind of love you desire. When you exit the bath, allow yourself to air-dry, and dispose of the water carefully. Dab on some rose perfume or rose cologne, and go about your day full of loving energy.

Creating Rose Quartz Love Talismans

The best time to create love talismans is during the waxing or full moon, particularly on Fridays. You can anoint a rose quartz bracelet with rose oil or perfume, and wear it to attract love. If you prefer not to wear jewelry, you can combine rough rose quartz chunks and rose petals or buds in a bag or square of red or pink flannel, and carry it with you. Periodically recharge your talisman by allowing it to sit under the light of a full moon, praying over it, or holding it in your hands while visualizing it filling with love.

A Loving Bedtime Ritual

Many old spells focus on helping people have dreams of their true love, or revealing information about their future lovers as they sleep. To help draw love to you as you sleep, place rose quartz chunks and rose petals beneath your pillow.

You can also create a rose quartz talisman and keep it beneath your pillow at night, and carry it in the morning. Before sleeping, relax and picture your ideal lover. When you dream, be sure to record it in a dream journal as soon as you wake up. This will allow you to keep track of signs, symbols, and messages sent to you through your dreams.

A Rose Meditation Ritual

It is a good idea to maintain a love altar in your home. This not only draws love to you, but helps maintain the loving relationships you already have. Choose a place to set the altar up -- either in the right-hand corner of a room, or against the western wall. Dress it with a pink cloth, or other color corresponding to the type of love you wish to attract. Anoint a pink pullout candle with rose oil, and place it in the center. Surround it with dried rose petals, or place a vase full of fresh roses behind it. In front of it, place a rose quartz heart.

Before going to sleep or leaving the house for the day:

1) Sit or kneel comfortably in front of the altar.
2) Breathe deeply, and clear your mind of distractions.
3) Light the candle.
4) Take the rose quartz heart into your hands. As you hold it, visualize the kind of love you desire.
5) Meditate on this vision, feeling the warm, gentle energies of the rose quartz and roses.
6) When you are ready, place the heart back on the altar, and snuff the candle.

Roses are one of the most enduring symbols of love, and few love rituals would be complete without their colors and distinctive fragrance. Combining the fresh or dried flowers with rose quartz is a powerful way to open the road for more love to enter your life.