Chuparrosa hummingbird love rituals

Using The Magic of Chuparrosa In Love and Attraction Spells

Do you want ideal love in your life? Would you like something to come along and draw out all of the challenges and negativity, leaving only sweetness behind? Do you want your lover to be drawn to you like a hummingbird to a flower? If any of these are true, you may want to work with Chuparrosa. Chuparrosa refers to the hummingbird, an ancient and divine representation of love and sexuality. You can use Chuparrosa products and incantations to call upon its power and ask for aid.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are important pollinators. These nectar-feeding birds dip their beaks into flowers, drinking up the nectar with their long tongues. The hummingbird is considered an embodiment of love and sex - the birds' long bills coupled with the tubular-shaped flowers they dip into is an allegory for human lovemaking. Some indigenous societies living in hummingbirds' native range even venerated them as deities of marriage, love, and lust.

When to Use Chuparrosa

Some oils and other magical tools are used to draw new love into your life. Chuparrosa is generally regarded as better for reinforcing an existing love, enticing your partner to love you and you alone, or attracting someone you already know. Chuparrosa sets the stage for you to experience your ideal love, built on a strong foundation of honesty and loyalty.

Empowering Yourself with Chuparrosa

Chuparrosa perfume is a discreet, convenient way for you to tap into this powerful scent's energies. It also works well as a personal power formula. You can wear it on your pulse points or use a drop to anoint love petitions or talismans.

When you know you are going to see your intended lover, take the time to prepare yourself thoroughly. Draw a warm bath and scatter it with rose petals. Give yourself ample time to soak, relax, and wash up with Hummingbird soap. Visualize yourself radiating an enticing glow -- you are at the peak of your power, beauty, and allure. When you are prepared, step out of the tub and allow yourself to air dry.

Finish getting ready. Complete your outfit with a gold Chuparrosa bracelet and a dab of Chuparrosa perfume. Before you leave, pause and take a moment to picture yourself surrounded by a pink light. This light only lets love and positive energy in. Any negativity is sucked out by the power of the hummingbird, just like they suck nectar from a flower. Say,

"Chuparrosa, your divine power brings joy.
Draw out all of the misfortune and negativity in my life,
Leaving only positivity, sweetness, and joy behind.
Make me irresistible to my intended lover,
just as the sweetest flowers are irresistible to you.
Thank you, Chuparrosa."

Use Hummingbird Energy in a Candle Spell

Candles are some of the best ways to release magical and spiritual energies. They are made with intention, charged with power, and released by fire.

If you have an existing love altar, a Chuparrosa candle may make a good addition. If you do not, choose a safe, neat place to set one. You can include other curios to help enhance the power of the candle spell -- consider hummingbird statues or images, a vase of fresh roses, or a rose quartz heart. Anoint the top of the candle with a drop or two of Attraction oil. If you have a photo of your intended lover, place it under the candle. If not, write their name on a slip of paper and use that instead. When you feel ready, light the candle. Say,

"Sweet Hummingbird,
You who seeks out nectar.
You who sucks away all misfortune.
You who holds the power of attraction, love, and lust.
Please, bring me [your intended lover's name].
Let them love me and only me, with honesty, loyalty, and passion.
Thank you, sweet Hummingbird."

Other Ways to Tap Into Chuparrosa

Chuparrosa perfume is a very versatile ingredient. You are not limited to using it solely for anointing. Consider:

  • Adding a few drops to a spiritual bath for attraction and empowerment.
  • Placing a drop or two on a cotton ball. Stash this cotton ball somewhere where you and your intended lover will meet.
  • Use a single drop to scent your bed linens.
  • Add a few drops to a floor wash and thoroughly mop your floors before your intended lover comes over.

The hummingbird is a very spiritually powerful animal. It represents the power to remove negativity, attract love, and strengthen a relationship. You can tap into these abilities by working with Chuparrosa images and magical tools.