Make him notice you spells rituals

Powerful Love Spells to Make Him Notice You

Having a happy relationship is 90% getting your partner's attention. You can be beautiful, kind, and witty, but it will not matter if your lover does not notice you. No matter whether you are looking for a new relationship, or just want your current lover to pay more attention to you, do not worry -- there are spells and rituals to help you.

A Notice Me Candle Love Spell

You can get your intended's attention with a simple candle spell. Take a Notice Me or Notice Me Big Al candle, and set it in a safe place. (If you have a love altar, or a corner of your home dedicated to love magic, that is even better. If not, place it somewhere in your bedroom.) Write the name of your desired lover on a piece of parchment, and place it beneath the candle. If you have a photograph of him, place it beneath the parchment. Hold your hands on either side of the candle, and visualize it filling with a golden light. Say...

I have so many fine qualities you do not see,
But with this flame, you notice me.

Light the candle. When it has burned down completely, bury the spell remains near your front door.

A Crystal Ball Attention Attracting Spell

For this spell, all you will need is a photograph of your target and a crystal ball. If you like, you can increase the power of this spell by lowering the lights, lighting candles (especially red or pink ones) anointed with Come to Me oil, and lighting some Come To Me Incense.

Place the photograph on a table in front of you. Hold the crystal ball in your fingertips, over the photo. The crystal will amplify your intent, while the distortion from the ball will make your target's face appear to move. As you do this, tell him what you want -- to be noticed, appreciated, desired, and loved. Tell him all of your good qualities. Repeat this spell as often as you like, until he contacts you.

An Attention-Attracting Bath

When you know you are going to see the man you desire, prepare by taking a spiritual bath. After your regular bath or shower, fill your tub or wash basin with clean, fresh water. Add Miel de Amor bath according to the instructions. Allow yourself to soak in the bath, or, if you do not have a bathtub, pour it over your head and body. Allow yourself to air dry.

After your skin is dried off, dab on Follow Me cologne. Sit quietly, relax your mind, and visualize yourself glowing with pure, bright light. Your intended will notice and be drawn to this glow, giving you a chance to draw him in.

An Attraction Charm

For added power, after performing the bathing ritual above, you can put on an attraction charm. An irresistible attraction amulet can help make your man notice you by imbuing everything you do with a mysterious, magnetic quality. For best results, cleanse it regularly and empower it by holding it in your hands and picturing your target hanging on your every word. If you like, you can also anoint it with a drop of civet, Adam & Eve, or Love Me oil, or your favorite love-drawing oil or cologne.

A Secret Sachet Powder Attraction Spell

If you can get access to your desired man's clothing or possessions, you can use a little Glow of Attraction sachet powder to your advantage. Sprinkling some of this on their things acts like an attraction magnet, capturing their attention and making them want to be close to you. Be discreet -- it is better if they do not catch you using it!

If you are having trouble catching the eye of the man you want, or just cannot seem to get your lover to pay attention to you anymore, you can use magic to help gain the upper hand. With these spells and rituals, you can make yourself virtually irresistible -- he will not be able to resist noticing you.