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Raspberry Leaves

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Raspberry leaves have a long history of spiritual and medicinal use, associated with the element of water, fertility, childbirth, and female health. They are used in spells for protection and purification, as well as for enhancing intuition and psychic abilities.

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Raspberry leaves are a versatile herb with a long history of spiritual and medicinal use. They are considered to be ruled by the element of water and associated with the goddesses of fertility, birth, and motherhood. Raspberry leaves are used in spells and rituals for fertility, childbirth, and female health, as well as for protection and purification. They are said to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, and are often included in tea blends for divination and dream work. The sweet, fruity aroma of raspberry leaves makes them a popular ingredient in herbal blends, smudge sticks, and incense blends.

One simple ritual for fertility using raspberry leaves involves brewing a tea with dried raspberry leaves and drinking it while focusing on your intention for fertility. You can also create a sachet filled with raspberry leaves, rose petals, and lavender, and carry it with you or place it under your pillow at night to promote fertility dreams. Additionally, you can burn raspberry leaf incense while meditating on your intention for fertility, or sprinkle dried raspberry leaves in your bath water for a relaxing and nurturing self-care ritual.

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