Make salt jar cleansing purification

Make a Salt Jar for Cleansing & Purification

A salt jar is a simple yet powerful tool that can cleanse, purify, and protect both individuals and their living spaces. In this video, Lulu guides you through the process of creating your own salt jar and explains its various uses.

Beginning with the instructions on how to make the salt jar, Lulu emphasizes that any glass jar can be used. With the jar opened, the first step is to fill it with salt. As the salt is poured, Lulu encourages viewers to visualize it as a powerful barrier that shields and safeguards the intended area and themselves from negative influences and harm. The jar should be filled almost to the top, leaving a small space for additional items.

Lulu suggests various objects that can be added to enhance the jar's power. These include herbs, oils, sachet powders, and even a petition written on parchment paper. Each of these items can contribute to the jar's intended purpose.

To infuse the jar with personal power and intention, Lulu advises taking a moment to visualize and feel the energy within the jar, empowering it to fulfill the desired intentions.

Once the salt jar is complete, Lulu explains its versatile uses. It can be placed in a safe spot within the living space or utilized during rituals as a rattle, a holder for a candle, a tool for divination, or as a focal point for meditation or prayer.

Through Lulu's guidance, viewers gain insight into the creation and application of a salt jar, a valuable tool for purification, protection, and blessings for both individuals and their surroundings.