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Employed in numerous spiritual cleansings and ceremonies, Haitian Vodou frequently utilizes Pompeia for attracting love, fortune, prosperity, and for soothing baths and ablutions. In this tradition, Pompeia serves as a gift to the Rada Lwa, particularly Erzulie Freda. It is often sprinkled on sacred spaces dedicated to the Lwa and applied to one's body as an anointment prior to participating in a ritual.

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Pompeia is a key component in a wide array of spiritual cleansings and rituals, playing a significant role in Haitian Vodou practices. It is often employed to draw love, good luck, and financial success, as well as to create soothing baths and washes that are believed to purify and rejuvenate the spirit.

In Haitian Vodou, Pompeia holds particular importance as an offering to the Rada Lwa, a group of benevolent spirits who govern various aspects of life. Among these spirits, Erzulie Freda, the goddess of love, beauty, and luxury, is especially associated with Pompeia. By presenting Pompeia as a gift, practitioners aim to invoke the favor and blessings of these powerful spirits.

During Vodou ceremonies, bottles of Pompeia are frequently sprinkled on altars dedicated to the Lwa. This act is believed to help create a sacred and welcoming environment for the spirits, facilitating their presence and communication with the devotees. Additionally, practitioners may anoint their own bodies with Pompeia prior to participating in a ritual, as a means of purification and preparation for engaging with the spiritual realm.

The use of Pompeia in Haitian Vodou exemplifies the blending of various cultural and spiritual influences that form the unique tapestry of this religious practice. By incorporating elements like Pompeia into their rituals, Vodou practitioners create a connection to the divine and seek guidance, protection, and prosperity in their lives.

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