Palo santo spiritual bath

Palo Santo (Holy Wood) Big Al Bath & Floor Wash

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Elevate your cleansing rituals with our Palo Santo Bath & Floor Wash. This sacred South American wood is celebrated for its ability to ward off negative energies and promote a serene atmosphere. Ideal for spiritual purification, our wash incorporates the essence of Palo Santo, offering peace and clarity. Use it in your bath for a spiritually cleansing experience or to purify your home, inviting positive energy and a tranquil vibe.


Discover the purifying power of Palo Santo (Holy Wood) with our specially crafted Bath & Floor Wash. Originating from the sacred wood of South America, Palo Santo is revered for its profound spiritual and medicinal properties. When used in rituals, it is believed to cleanse spaces, objects, and individuals of negative energies, fostering an environment of peace and positive energy. Our Palo Santo Bath & Floor Wash is designed to bring these ancient purification rituals into your daily routine, whether you're seeking spiritual purification, energetic cleansing, or simply the calming aroma of this holy wood.

Infused with the essence of Palo Santo, this wash can be used to cleanse your living space, create a sacred atmosphere for meditation and spiritual practices, and even enhance your bathing ritual. Its rich, fragrant aroma promotes peace and clarity, making it a perfect addition to any cleansing ceremony or as a way to refresh and uplift your environment daily.

How To Use Palo Santo Bath & Floor Wash

  • For Bath Use - Fill your tub with water, add half of the contents into the water, and soak in the tub for fifteen minutes while concentrating on your desire. Can be used for for two baths.
  • For Floor Wash Use - Add half of the contents into a gallon of cold water and mop your floors from the front of your home to the back. Can be used for two floor washes.