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Nutmeg is a versatile herb believed to attract luck, abundance, money, and happiness. It can be carried on the person or used to dress candles for spiritual and ritual purposes, and is also thought to increase fidelity when placed under a mattress.

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Magically, nutmeg is a versatile herb that is believed to possess properties that attract good fortune, abundance, financial stability, and happiness. This is why it is often used in various spiritual and religious rituals. One common way of utilizing the power of nutmeg is by carrying it on your person, either as a whole seed or as a powdered form.

Another way to harness the magical properties of nutmeg is by using it to dress candles. When burned, nutmeg is believed to release its potent energy into the air, thereby attracting luck and prosperity to the environment. Additionally, it is said that placing a whole nutmeg under your mattress can increase fidelity in your relationship and prevent both partners from straying. This is why nutmeg is considered an important ingredient in love and protection spells.

For a powerful money-drawing lucky charm for gamblers follow these instructions. Make a hole in the Nutmeg, fill the hole with Quicksilver, and seal it with wax from a Green candle. Carry the talisman with three silver coins in a red flannel bag while gambling.

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