Santa muerte image candle black white front
Santa muerte image candle black white back

(Holy Death) Santa Muerte Image Candle, White/Black

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Embrace balance and protection with this 10" white and black (Holy Death) Santa Muerte candle. Ideal for enlightenment, cleansing, and safeguarding rituals, its dual colors symbolize purity and the afterlife's power, guiding and protecting under Santa Muerte's gaze. A vital addition to any sacred space

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This distinctive 10" tall (Holy Death) Santa Muerte figure candle, is meticulously designed with a white and black color scheme for This candle embodies the duality of Holy Death - with purity and protection symbolized by the white upper half, and the lower black half representing power and the profound depths of the afterlife.

Perfect for rituals seeking enlightenment, cleansing, and protection, this candle aids in invoking Santa Muerte's guidance for transitions, offering solace and defense against negativity. Utilize it in your sacred space to foster balance, purify your surroundings, and shield your spirit, ensuring a harmonious journey through life's phases under the watchful eye of the Holy Death.

  • 10 inches tall