Santa muerte image candle black red front
Santa muerte image candle black red back

(Holy Death) Santa Muerte Image Candle, Red/Black

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Invoke love and protection with our dual-colored 10" (Holy Death) Santa Muerte candle. The red top signifies passion and vitality, while the black base offers spiritual safeguarding. Perfect for rituals of the heart or protection, it's essential for those who honor the Holy Death in their spiritual journey.

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Discover the profound spiritual essence of this 10" tall (Holy Death) Santa Muerte candle, masterfully crafted with a unique red and black color scheme - red on top and black on the bottom. This striking candle is designed for those who seek the guidance and protection of the Holy Death in their spiritual practices. The red portion symbolizes love, passion, and the life force, while the black represents protection, the removal of negative energies, and the transition to the afterlife.

Ideal for rituals involving love matters, spiritual cleansing, or seeking justice from the spiritual realm, this candle is a powerful tool for communicating with the divine and invoking the dual aspects of creation and protection. Place it on your altar to honor Santa Muerte and draw her blessings into your life.

  • 10 inches tall