Santa muerte image candle gold front
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(Holy Death) Santa Muerte Image Candle, Gold

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Experience the divine protection and prosperity with our 10" gold color (Holy Death) Santa Muerte candle. Perfect for rituals aimed at attracting wealth, overcoming obstacles, and seeking justice, this candle embodies the power and guidance of Santisima Muerte. Its golden hue enhances rituals focused on success and abundance, making it an essential tool for those seeking spiritual transformation and protection.

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Our spiritualist will say a prayer over your candle, light it, and place it on our altar. You will receive one photo of your lit candle via email. NOTE: It may take 7-10 days to receive your photo, so please be patient.
Let our spiritualist pray over and bless your candle, amulet, talisman, or jewelry item.

Elevate your spiritual practice with our exquisite 10" tall gold color (Holy Death) Santa Muerte candle, a potent symbol of protection, prosperity, and guidance. Crafted for those who honor the beloved saint of death revered in Mexican culture, this candle serves as a bridge to the divine, embodying Santisima Muerte's power to facilitate transitions and transformations with grace and illumination.

Ideal for rituals seeking abundance, success, and justice, its golden hue amplifies intentions related to wealth and victory, offering a radiant focus for meditation and prayer. Invoke the profound energies of Santa Muerte in ceremonies of renewal, as this candle aids in overcoming obstacles, attracting prosperity, and providing protection against adversities.

  • 10 inches tall