Santa muerte prayers rituals

Working With Santa Muerte For Cleansing, Money, and Love

Santa Muerte is a well-loved folk saint originating in Mexico. She is the product of a blending of Catholicism and ancient Aztec beliefs -- a Goddess of death revered as a saint. Since she represents death, which comes for everyone, anyone can approach Santa Muerte for aid. Here are some rituals you can use to work with the beloved Lady of the Dead.

A Santa Muerte Cleansing Ritual

As death has the power to eventually sweep away everything, Santa Muerte has the power to cleanse and banish negative energies. If you feel that you or your home may be suffering from the presence of any unwanted energy or entity, ask Santa Muerte for relief. You will need:

Place a few drops of the sage oil in the well of the Santisima Muerte candle. Light the candle, and take the rosary in your hand. If you wish to cleanse your living space, place the candle in the center of your home and walk through your entire house in a clockwise direction, holding the necklace. Say...

Santa Muerte, cleanse this space,
With your power, love, and grace.
Bony Lady, by your hand,
Move the evil from this land.
Remove the bad, cleanse the blight,
That all may rest peacefully this night.

If you wish to cleanse yourself, sit in front of the candle. Say...

Santa Muerte, I ask that you remove any and all negative energies from me.
Cleanse all evil, remove any hexes, jinxes, or curses.
Bind all negativity, Holy Death.
Thank you.

Allow the candle to burn out. If you must leave it unattended, snuff it and relight it when you return, and recite the prayer again.

Ask Santa Muerte for Financial Help

Like it or not, money is necessary for life. It is how we keep rooves over our heads, keep ourselves clothed, and feed ourselves. If you find yourself in need, you can ask Santa Muerte for help. You will need:

Offerings, like sugar, tequila, incense, bread, cake, pastries, flowers, or money

Place the image, water, candle, and offerings in a place of honor in your home, where they will not be disturbed. Light the candle and say...

Lady of Shadows, I ask that you forgive me and be willing to overlook my shortcomings and my sins.
Guide me and watch over me, that I might make choices that are for the greatest good.
Please increase my prosperity, and help me to achieve financial success that I might use my good fortune to help others in need.
Thank you, Holy Matron of Death.

Allow the candle to burn for a bit, then snuff it and give your thanks again. Repeat for seven days.

Bring in a New Lover (or Keep an Old One Faithful)

One of Santa Muerte's powers is to bring or strengthen love. If you wish to attract a new lover, or keep your existing sweetheart faithful, set up a love altar with:

Make your love altar as pleasing as possible. Set up a vase for the flowers, lay it with a cloth, and decorate it with any other objects or images that seem relevant. To bring in a new lover, light the candle and say...

Holy Santa Muerte, I come to you in a time of need.
I ask that you bring me a kind, loving, faithful man/woman to be my lover, and guide us and protect us as we grow together.
Matron of Death, I offer you thanks.

To keep a lover faithful, include a picture of them on your altar. Light the candle, and say...

Santa Muerte, I ask you to strengthen the bond between my partner and I.
Keep us loving, kind, and faithful toward each other.
Cleanse away any past arguments or transgressions, and allow us to grow stronger every day.
Thank you, Holy Mother.

Keep the altar as pleasing as possible. Change the water daily, and make sure any flowers or other offerings are fresh.

Though Santa Muerte has her roots in Mexico, death has no borders or limits. If you are in need of help, healing, love, protection, money, or cleansing, she will not turn you away.