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Domination Soap

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Use this Domination Soap is a unique and potent spiritual cleanser crafted to grant its users unparalleled control and influence over specific situations or individuals. This mystical soap blends traditional herbs and essential oils known for their commanding properties, creating an aura of authority and persuasion.


As you use this Domination Soap, the rich, aromatic suds work to cleanse not just the skin, but also your spirit, aligning your energy with the forces of dominance and control. The carefully selected ingredients are believed to enhance personal power, making your presence more commanding and your words more compelling.

Ideal for those who seek to assert their will in challenging circumstances, Domination Soap is a powerful tool in the arsenal of anyone looking to bend the course of their destiny in their favor. Its use is particularly favored before important meetings, negotiations, or any situation where one needs to take the upper hand and ensure their voice is not just heard but followed.

  • Comes with an amulet and prayer card in English & Spanish
  • 3.5 oz Bar

Domination Prayer

Say this prayer as you wash with the soap.

I can do more than you even though you try to get over on me.
I am the one and only, and I dominate you
To the point where you do everything I say.