Tobacco rituals spiritual uses

Tobacco Spells For Banishing and Domination

Most of us are probably used to tobacco in a recreational sense, but it has a long history of use for magic. In different traditions, it is treated as everything from a sacrament, to a potent banishing or hexing herb, to an herb for placating spirits, to a tool for dominating your rivals.

Tobacco For Banishing

Even though tobacco is native to the Americas, it is often found in European witchcraft as well as conjure and rootwork. In European magical traditions, it is usually seen as an herb for banishing negative influences or people. In spells and recipes that call for poisonous herbs, tobacco is often used as a safer and easier-to-obtain substitute.

It is also used to obtain peace by keeping away the forces that are disrupting things to begin with, (without having to break out the monkshood). Rather than cleansing a space with poisonous herbs when you need some heavy protection, consider using some Indian tobacco bath & floor wash or burning a Black Tobacco custom scented candle.

Tobacco For Court Cases

When mixed with salt and burned on a black candle, tobacco can help sway a court case in your favor. You can also anoint a black candle with a mixture of salt and tobacco oil instead. You can also combine sugar, Chewing John, and tobacco. Put the mixture in a red mojo bag, recite the 37th psalm over it, and carry it with you when you go to court. For luck, dab on some Tobacco cologne before entering the courthouse.

To have a case dismissed, mix together mustard and poppy seeds, and a bit of tobacco. Keep some of this in your pockets when you go to court, and it will help confuse the prosecution.

Tobacco for Spirits

Many spirits love the smoke of tobacco. To summon a spirit dwelling in a place and cause it to manifest, burn some tobacco on charcoal or tobacco incense. Present the smoke as an offering, and spirits will arrive to claim it.

To placate a spirit or ask for its help, offer high-quality cigars and liquor. Some deities also enjoy receiving cigars and good quality liquor. Place two cigars and a cup of liquor at a crossroads, and ask the spirit of the crossroads for help in learning new skills in magic.

You can also request their aid against your enemies. For this, you will need to go into a graveyard and petition the dead for aid. Flip a black candle by turning it over and digging out the wick from the bottom with a knife, then lighting the bottom wick. Burn this candle over a photo of your foe, or their name written on a piece of paper. Around this, burn tobacco incense and powdered sulfur.

Tobacco for Domination

Adding tobacco to any herb mixture for control or domination will amplify its effects. Though it is also used as an herb for banishing, it is equally good at attracting or compelling when used with the proper intent. Anointing a photo or name paper with tobacco oil and placing it by your phone can compel someone to call you while placing it in your mailbox can make them write to you. Chewing tobacco and spitting it where your target will walk, then making the sign of the cross and stating what you wish them to do, can bend them to your will.

Tobacco is a powerful, sacred herb that should be treated with respect. Using tobacco products in your rituals, coupled with your focus and intent, can help you do everything from banishing to dominating. Try incorporating it into your spells, and see how well it works for you.