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Using Sachet Powders To Attract and Control

Spell ingredients are tools for strengthening the power of your intention. Each has its own use and ways of helping a spell or ritual. Sachet powders are one such tool. These fragrant powders serve as a discreet, lightweight vehicle for minerals, herbs, oils, and other components that carry the magical vibrations you want.

Sachet powders can be used in many ways. The most common ones are to either influence others, attract things or repel them from yourself. You can also use powders for protection, to enhance spiritual vibrations, and to undo the magic that others have put on you. Here is how:

Mixing Sachet Powders

There is no rule that says you can only use one powder at a time. As long as your intentions are clear, you can combine whatever it takes to get you to your desired goal. To bring a lover closer, for example, you might wish to combine Desire Me sachet powder to make yourself more attractive, and Marriage sachet powder to make your partner want to propose to you.

Applying Powders to the Body

Sachet powders work in one of two ways: They either help bring something in, or repel something. Powders to attract a lover, like Attraction sachet powder, should be dusted on the body in an upward motion. This means applying it from the feet toward the head, and from the fingertips toward the shoulders.

On the other hand, powders to repel something unwanted, like Revocation sachet powder, should be dusted in a downward motion. That means dusting from the head toward the feet, and the shoulders toward the fingertips.

Using Powders in Foot Tracking

The idea of foot tracking holds that a person can be influenced by what they step on. If a target treads on a spell powder, they will absorb the magic through their feet. Like wearing powders on the body, you can use foot tracking in two ways.

To bring something to you, you can sprinkle powders in your shoes. This lets you absorb their magic through your own feet. This can also help you if you have been hexed or jinxed through footwork -- use some Jinx Removing sachet powder to undo the unwanted spell.

To affect someone else, sprinkle powder where they are going to walk, or, if you can, in their shoes.

Dressing Candles

Most sachet powders have a cornstarch base, but can also contain mineral powders that do not burn well. For this reason, you may not wish to sprinkle them directly in a candle flame. Instead, you can use a pull-out candle, dress it with an appropriate oil, and then dust it with the powder instead.

Treat the candle just like you would your body. To attract something to you, anoint it all around from the bottom toward the wick. For example, to succeed in an endeavor, dress a gold candle with Success oil, then dust it with Success sachet powder.

To banish something from you, work backward. Anoint it all around from the wick toward the base. As an example, you can break up a couple by dressing a black candle with Break Up oil and Break Up sachet powder.

Empowering Your Home

You can use sachet powders to magically empower your home and ritual space. Dragon's blood resin is known as a protection and power herb. You can use it around your home in the form of Dragon's Blood sachet powder. Sprinkle it in front of the doors to your home to keep all evil out.

If you have a dedicated ritual space in your house, dress your altar with Altar sachet powder to enhance spiritual energy and strengthen prayers, spells, or rituals.

Using Powders on Objects

You can use sachet powders to dress objects in two ways. If you want to influence someone else, you can discreetly dust something you know they will handle. When they touch the powder, they will be affected by its magic. You can dust a little Do As I Say sachet powder on a letter, for example, to bend your target to your will.

Conversely, if you think someone has done the same thing to you, you can dust your belongings with sachet powder to undo their magic and keep it from affecting you. Has No Hanna sachet powder is a potent ingredient for removing unwanted spells.

Sachet powders follow many of the same general "rules" as other spell ingredients. Move from bottom up, front to back, or clockwise to draw things to you, and top-down, back to front, or counterclockwise to send them away. If you can get your spell's target to touch the powder, so much the better. If you cannot, use their clothing, shoes, paperwork, or a path they will walk instead. As long as you keep this in mind, you can use these powders in as many ways as you need.