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Dill Seed

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Dill has been believed to possess protective power globally and was commonly used in spells and charms against witchcraft in the Middle Ages. In England, it was worn next to bare skin to counteract evil spells and believed to calm babies and ward off bad dreams by placing dill seeds under their pillow or hanging dill stalks over their cradle.

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Dill has been recognized for its protective powers by people from various regions of the world. During the Middle Ages, dill was considered to be one of the key herbs used in spells and charms to ward off witchcraft. In England, it was believed to have the power to counteract the evil influence of spells and was commonly worn close to bare skin for added protection.

The mystical properties of dill extended to infants as well. It was customary to hang stalks of dill over the baby's cradle in the belief that it would keep away bad dreams and soothe the child. If one was troubled by witches or plagued by nightmares, it was said that the only solution was to place some dill seeds under their pillow.

Such beliefs illustrate the extent to which dill was regarded as a powerful tool in the ancient world and the faith people had in its ability to provide protection and bring peace.

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