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Blue Squares - Añil Modamo

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Blue squares - also known as Añil Modamo, or Añil Bluestone - like the blue balls are useful for gambling luck as well as spiritual purification. Spiritualists and mediums will often take one Lucky Blue Square and add it to a bucket of mop water along with Florida Water and Holy Water and use it clear the house of negativity when they mop prior to spiritual work.

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Blue Squares are a highly valued component in many spiritual traditions and is widely recognized for its potent energy of purification, cleansing, and healing. With a wide range of uses, this versatile ingredient is a staple in many spiritual practices and is often used to draw fast luck, protect one's home, keep away nightmares, enhance spiritual energy, purify spaces, and aid in divination.

One of the most common uses of Blue (Añil) is in the preparation of indigo water, also known as blue wash, which is a powerful purification tool used in spiritual cleansing. This powerful liquid is often used to clear negative energies and invite positive energy into a space.

Many traditional conjure practitioners use Blue (Añil) for scrying, a practice of divination where one gazes into a reflective surface to receive messages from the spiritual realm. The blue water is believed to enhance the clarity of the vision and facilitate the connection with the spiritual realm.

Spiritualists and mediums are known to use Blue Squares in their mop water to cleanse their homes of negativity before conducting spiritual work. This powerful purification tool is also used in the process of purification to clear a space of any negative energies and invite positive energy into the environment.

How to Use Blue Squares

  • For purification and to eliminate negative vibrations, dissolve the blue in your bath water. For additional strength add a splash of Florida Water.
  • To invite positive energy and repel negative energy, dissolve or crush a blueing square in a bowl of water and place it on your altar or underneath your bed.
  • To purify your home and protect against negative influences, dissolve or crush a blueing square in water and sprinkle or spray it in the corners of your living space.
  • For laundry & to infuse your belongings with positive energy, wrap blueing in a cloth (cotton is recommended). Stir the water while squeezing the blueing, and dip your articles into the solution individually for a short time, keeping them in motion.
  • Bluing squares are also often added to mojo bags for attracting good luck, gaining power over a desired object or person, and providing protection.

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