Spells rituals keep negativity away

Spells To Keep Negative Energy Away From You

We are all more sensitive to energy than many of us realize. Our bodies do not just end with our skin -- we have energetic bodies that extend far beyond that. Our auras can pick up bits of other people's negative energy, which eventually begins to have an impact on our moods and well-being. Being able to cleanse negativity is a good skill to have, but it is even better to keep it away in the first place. With the right spells and rituals, you can keep negative energy (and people) far away from you.

The Stay Away Spell

If you know someone who seems to be a magnet for problems or a source of drama, this spell is for you. Take a white candle and dress it with a few drops of Stay Away oil. Hold it in your hands, and visualize it filling with a powerful white light. As you do this, say...

I harbor [state the person's name] no ill-will,
I feel no anger this day.
But [state the person's name again] is dragging me down,
by this light, they'll stay away.

Light the candle. As it burns, sit and meditate on the flame. Picture the light expanding outward, like a protective shell that will drive this person far from you. After a while, snuff the candle. Any time you know you'll run into this person, add a few drops of Stay Away oil to the top of the candle, re-light it, and dust yourself with Stay Away powder. You can also sprinkle this powder at your front door and in the corners of your home or property to keep this person far from you.

Fly From Me Spell

This spell is similar to the Stay Away spell, especially if you have a specific person you need out of your life right now. Dress a candle with Fly Away oil (or use a dressed Go Away candle), and repeat the procedure above. This time, say...

Fly away, fly away,
No longer around me shall [state person's name] stay.
Their presence is not welcome here,
Wherever I go, they won't go near.

Take some Fly Away powder, and sprinkle it where you know this person will walk. If you can, put some in front of their front door. Repeat the spell until the person leaves you alone for good.

Enemies Flee Spell

Sometimes, the source of negativity in your life may come from an enemy -- someone who wants to see you fail. Give as good as you get and drive your enemy away using a 7 Day Black List candle dressed with a few drops of Keep Away Enemies oil. Write the name of your enemy on the candle. Light it, and picture the light spreading to drive them out of your life for good.

Sprinkle Keep Away Enemies powder around your property to protect it from them. On occasions when you know you will be seeing your enemy, take a bath with Touch Me Not. Soak for fifteen minutes, and allow yourself to air dry. Anoint yourself with Touch Me Not oil, and dust yourself with Keep Away Enemies powder.

Sweeping Away Negativity

Sometimes, the source of the problem might not be a person. Negative situations, places, and even things can also be thorns in our sides. In this case, it is best to sweep away all negativity and remove these blocks to happiness.

Start by taking a long, relaxing bath with sea salt. Open your windows to let the light and breeze in, and begin sweeping or vacuuming all of your floors. As you do this, say...

I sweep all obstacles away,
No negativity may stay.
This is my home, it belongs to me,
So as I say, it will be.

Sweep from the back of your home to the front, driving all of the dust and dirt out through your front door. When you are through, use a Sweep Away Negativity candle to remove any remaining energetic blocks.

Not all negative people are bad people. Some are dealing with their own obstacles in life, and cannot help but carry the unpleasantness with them wherever they go. Spells do not have to punish people for carrying negativity with them, they can simply keep it away from you so you can go through life unburdened by their energy. With them, you can protect your mood, your aura, and your health.