Hexed cursed signs

Five Signs That You Have Been Hexed

Have you ever had a sudden string of bad luck plague you? If you've had misfortunes that is unexplainable, you could be hexed.

In our lives, we strive to surround ourselves with good and caring people. Sometimes, however, despite our better judgment, a deceitful or malicious person may work their way into our life. If armed with the knowledge of black magic, these cruel individuals can wreak havoc on our relationships, negatively affect our mood and send us into a downward spiral.

If you start to suspect there is a deeper cause for your hardships, take an inventory of what's happening in your life. The following are tell tale signs that someone placed a hex on you.

Relationship Issues

When a previously healthy relationship takes a sudden turn for the worse, there may be dark forces at work. An unexplained increase in arguments, hurt feelings and misunderstandings can often be caused by foul play. Take an honest look at your role in any arguments or disagreements to see if you are responsible for the unrest. If, after a sincere appraisal, you cannot find a valid reason for the discourse, consider the possibility that a sinister person has placed a hex on you

Financial Trouble

You have always prided yourself on your good work ethic and your ability to hold a job. You consider it a priority to pay your bills on time and you are rarely, if ever, in debt. So when you unexpectedly get laid off, warning signs go off in your head. Think about any recent encounters you have had with the people in your life. Does anyone seem angry with you? Did you get a bad vibe from an acquaintance you work with? The explanation for your sudden firing may have nothing to do with your job performance and everything to do with someone working evil against you.

Health Problems

Are you experiencing sudden headaches, back problems, stomach upset or difficulty sleeping? Do you feel nervous, worried or anxious about things that never concerned you before? Did your doctor examine you and give you a clean bill of health? After ruling out any legitimate medical conditions, it is time to explore the likelihood that you are the victim of a menacing conjure.

Changes in Your Appearance

If your previously smooth complexion has turned blotchy, your eyes appear sunken and ringed with dark circles, or your lustrous hair lays limp, it may be a sign that a dark root doctor is targeting you. Unexplained changes in your weight, sex drive and mood can also be the symptoms of a disease or sickness spell.

Dark Omens Plague You

There are signs of good and bad luck around us at all times. Some people are more attuned to these prophecies than others. Certain omens are warnings of danger and bad luck to come. Has a black cat crossed your path recently? Have you noticed an owl hooting outside your window before dawn? Were there sparrows flying overhead the last time you ventured outside? Has your most beloved family heirloom disappeared with no explanation? These are just a few of the many indications that a dark cloud of ill omen has been laid on you by an evil worker.

It is important to be aware that negative spells and hexes often come in waves of three, each worse than the last. If you suspect that you have been the target of a curse, refer to some of Original Products Botanica’s previous blog posts, including Best Ways to Reverse Magic, Reversing Magic Spells and Bad Fortune, Gaining Protection From Your Enemies and Evil, Break Bad Luck and Open Your Road, Removing a Crossed Condition and Protection Spells and Rituals You Can Do At Home.