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Sell Your Home With the Power of Saint Joseph

Selling your home can be a long, tedious process. Between making sure it passes inspection, to staging, to hosting open houses, it requires a lot of work and a good amount of luck. If you are trying to sell your home, chances are you could use all the help you can get. Fortunately, Saint Joseph can help.

Why Saint Joseph?

When selling their home, some people choose to petition and pray to Saint Joseph due to various reasons rooted in Catholic tradition and beliefs. Saint Joseph holds a significant place in Catholic theology, being best known as Mary's husband and Jesus' adoptive father. He is regarded as the patron saint of workers and protectors, and his intercession is often sought by those facing dire financial needs.

The tradition of praying to Saint Joseph for aid in buying or selling property dates back to the 16th century when Saint Theresa of Avila, a devoted nun, sought to acquire land for a new convent. Facing resistance from the sellers, she turned to Saint Joseph and buried a medal with his image in the ground at the convent. Miraculously, the sellers soon offered her the land she needed, attributing the success to Saint Joseph's intercession.

Saint Joseph is often referred to as "The Real Estate Agent" in this context, as he is believed to have the power to influence people's lives, including the process of selling a home and alleviating financial burdens. The ritual of burying a statue of Saint Joseph near the "For Sale" sign or on the property is thought to bring good fortune and attract motivated buyers. The prayer associated with this ritual is recited daily to seek Saint Joseph's assistance in selling the property quickly, easily, and profitably.

While this practice has its roots in Catholic traditions, it has transcended religious boundaries, and people from various backgrounds and beliefs have adopted it when selling their homes. The act of petitioning Saint Joseph is seen as a symbol of hope and an expression of faith, regardless of one's religious affiliation. Many homeowners who have claimed success with this ritual believe that it brings positive energy and spiritual support during the often stressful process of selling a property.

A St. Joseph Statue Ritual For Selling Your Home

Catholics are not the only people who ask Saint Joseph for help when selling their homes -- the ritual is even used by people who are not religious. Usually, it involves digging a hole twelve inches deep in front of your home's "For Sale" sign, wrapping a statue of St. Joseph in a clean cloth (some use a plastic bag for extra protection), and burying him in the hole. After he is buried, a prayer is recited asking him to intercede on your behalf and help your home sell quickly. Approach this ritual with a sincere intention, regardless of your religious background, and have faith in St. Joseph's intercession. Believe wholeheartedly that he will aid you in the home-selling process.

How to Bury His Statue

There are a lot of traditions surrounding how to perform this ritual, so you may choose whichever feels right to you. Some include:

  • Burying him upside down, to give him an extra impetus to sell your home and get free.
  • Burying him upright.
  • Burying him close to or facing the road, as a sign you want to leave.
  • Burying him facing the house or backyard.
  • Burying him in a flower pot, if you don't have a yard.
  • Placing him in a front window facing your "For Sale" sign instead.

No matter what you do, it is important to keep your promise and dig the statue up again once the sale is complete. Otherwise, no one will ever own the home for very long. When burying the statue, do so with mindfulness and reverence, understanding the symbolic act of inviting St. Joseph's presence to aid in the home-selling process. Ensure you follow any local laws or regulations regarding burying objects in your yard.

Reciting a Prayer to Saint Joseph

After burying the statue, light a Saint Joseph 7-Day Candle and recite the following prayer:

O, Saint Joseph,
you who taught our Lord the carpenter’s trade,
and saw to it that he was always properly housed,
hear my earnest plea.

I want you to help me now as you helped your foster child Jesus,
and as you have helped many others in the matter of housing.
I wish to sell this property quickly, easily, and profitably
and I implore you to grant my wish by bringing me a good buyer,
one who is eager, compliant, and honest,
and by letting nothing impede the rapid conclusion of the sale.

Dear Saint Joseph,
I know you would do this for me out of the goodness of your heart and in your own good time,
but my need is very great now and so I must make you hurry on my behalf.
Saint Joseph, I am going to place you in a difficult position with your head in darkness,
and you will suffer as our Lord suffered until this property is sold.

Then, Saint Joseph, I swear before the cross and God Almighty,
that I will redeem you and you will receive my gratitude
and a place of honor in my home.

Alongside the provided prayer, offer your own heartfelt and personal prayer to St. Joseph. Share your genuine emotions, desires, and wishes for a successful home sale. If you wish, you can also recite a novena to Saint Joseph for the next nine days. Wearing some Saint Joseph Perfume or a medal with his image, or keeping his prayer card in your wallet or purse helps to keep his prayer in your heart. Maintain daily prayers to St. Joseph throughout the selling process, seeking his continuous guidance and assistance.

Remember, this ritual is a personal expression of faith and hope, and its success lies in the combination of various factors, including market conditions, pricing, presentation, and marketing efforts. While this ritual instills hope and faith, remember it's not a guaranteed method for selling a home. Consider working with a reputable real estate agent to navigate the selling process effectively.

A Saint Joseph Candle Ritual For Selling Your Home

This sacred ritual will aid you in invoking the intercession of St. Joseph in your journey to sell your home. As you embark on this ritual, let your faith be your guiding light, and trust that St. Joseph's benevolent presence will lead you toward a successful and swift home sale. Here is what you will need for this ritual:

Before starting this ritual, choose a quiet and peaceful location in your home where you can perform the ritual without interruption. Place a small table or altar in the chosen space and cover it with a clean cloth. Light your candle and take a moment to center yourself, focusing on your intention to seek St. Joseph's help in selling your home.

Next, hold the St. Joseph's Laminated Prayer Card in your hands and speak an invocation to St. Joseph:

O, Saint Joseph, patron saint of home and family,
I humbly come before you with a sincere heart and a devoted spirit.
I seek your intercession and guidance in the endeavor to sell my home.
As you protected and provided for the Holy Family,
I beseech you to guide me toward finding a worthy buyer,
One who will cherish this home and make it their own.
In gratitude for your assistance,
I offer this candle, a symbol of my hope, purity, and unwavering faith in your help.
May its flame illuminate the path to a successful home sale,
And may its light carry my prayers to the heavens above.

Hold the prayer card in front of your candle and visualize the light of the candle infusing it with positive energy and divine blessings. Set the prayer card down on the altar, ensuring it remains in a safe and stable position.

Sit comfortably in front of the altar, facing the lit candle and the prayer card. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to calm your mind and focus your thoughts. Enter a state of meditation, envisioning your home surrounded by warm and inviting light, attracting potential buyers with ease. Take a few moments to express your gratitude to St. Joseph for his guidance and support. Visualize the successful sale of your home and the joy it will bring to the new owners. Trust that your petition has been heard and that St. Joseph is working in your favor.

Whenever you pass by the altar, take a moment to offer a silent prayer of gratitude and reaffirm your faith in St. Joseph's intercession. Remember to never leave your candle unattended and to safely extinguish the candle when you are sleeping or are not at home.

Perform this candle ritual regularly, maintaining your faith and dedication, until your home is successfully sold. Remember that this ritual is a powerful expression of your intentions and serves as a reminder of the hope and trust you place in St. Joseph's intercession.

May your petition to St. Joseph be fruitful in your endeavor to sell your home quickly and successfully. Trust in his intercession and embrace the journey ahead with optimism and dedication.