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Magical Rituals To Build Self-Love and Self-Esteem

Everyone takes a hit to their self-esteem at least once. For some people, their self-worth might be wounded after losing a job or a relationship. For others, it can happen after years of childhood trauma. While time helps heal most wounds, having low self-esteem can go on for what feels like ages. Fortunately, there are ways you can help use your spiritual energy to improve your confidence.

Work with the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras

According to Hindi Tantrism, the body holds seven major energy centers (and even more minor ones). These are called chakras, the Sanskrit word for "wheel." Each chakra is tied to certain aspects of the physical, emotional, and spiritual self. The solar plexus chakra, Manipura, is located a few inches above the navel, while the heart chakra, Anahata, is in the center of the chest. A blockage in either of these can manifest as low confidence and a lack of self-love.

Certain colors and crystals can help open these chakras. For Manipura, the seat of confidence, place a citrine or pyrite stone on the abdomen. Anoint a yellow candle with sandalwood oil, and picture a glowing yellow lotus opening in your solar plexus area as you meditate.

For Anahata, place a rose quartz stone over the heart area. Anoint a green or pink candle with rose oil, and picture a glowing green lotus opening in your chest area as you meditate.

Petition the Saints

While there is no saint directly associated with self-esteem or self-love, there are a few that can help you when you feel less than confident in yourself.

Saint Joseph can help you when you aren't confident in your life's journey. Pray to him to choose a good vocation and path in life. Wear a Saint Joseph bracelet to help you find an empowering job, and Saint Joseph perfume when you need help presenting yourself with confidence in job interviews.

A lesser-known French saint, Saint Germaine Cousin, is a powerful protector of abused children. If the root cause of your low self-esteem stems from a rough childhood, light a white candle and pray to her for help and healing.

Create a Pampering Ritual

If you use a self-love ritual, it is important to repeat it regularly. Build it into your schedule, so taking care of yourself becomes a habit. One helpful way to do this is with a ritual bath.

After scrubbing up in a regular bath, drain your tub. Fill it again with fresh, warm water. While you do this, prepare a tea containing lavender, rose petals, mint, and sandalwood. When the bath is full, strain out the herbs and pour the tea into the water. Light an orange candle, and say:

"Let the warmth of the water,
The power of these herbs,
And the flame of this candle,
Light my inner fire of confidence and self-love."

Step into the water and fully immerse yourself. Allow your body to absorb the energies of the herbs, and the candle to bathe you in its glow. Unashamedly admire yourself while you bathe. Consider all of the good qualities you have to offer others, and the world at large. When you feel ready, step out of the bath and allow yourself to air dry.

A Simple Hair Spell

In many magical traditions, a person's hair was part of their power. They would unbind their hair and shake it out as a symbol of their freedom, wild nature, and self-determination. When we are feeling depressed or down about ourselves, hair care is often the first thing we begin to skip -- as a result, we create a feedback loop where we feel ugly, which makes us feel bad and sucks our energy away, which keeps us from being able to care for ourselves, which makes us feel ugly, and so forth.

For this spell, all you will need are a brush or comb, your favorite hair care products, a mirror, an orange candle, and, if you like, a blend of sandalwood, ylang ylang, bergamot, and vetiver oils.

Dress the candle with one drop of each of the oils. Place it in a safe spot next to your mirror, and light it. Sit down in front of your mirror, and say,

"These tangles are my insecurities. I banish each and every one of them easily."

Starting from the ends of your hair, begin de-tangling. Use a leave-in conditioner or hair oil if you like. When you find a large tangle, envision one of your insecurities. Picture it dissolving away as you comb out the tangle. Work your way gently up to the crown of your head. Tell yourself that the glow of your confidence and beauty grows with each stroke of the brush.

When you are through, set the comb or brush down. Take out the shed hairs from the bristles, and burn them in the candle's flame. Say,

"With this flame, my insecurities are gone. I bask in love and light."

Self-love is not easy. It is like a muscle -- it needs to be worked in order to stay strong. Regularly making time for these small self-esteem rituals can help you build strength and confidence in yourself.