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Release Unwanted Energy With Past Life Healing

The past is more than just ancient history. If you have unresolved trauma or unlearned lessons left over from your past lives, they can continue to affect you today. Even if you do not fully know or understand your past existences, you might be suffering from things that have carried over into your current life. Fortunately, you can dive deeper into your past lives, heal them, and learn the lessons you need to learn to continue on happy and healthy.

How Your Past Lives Can Affect You

The experiences you have had in past existences can shape what you experience today, even if you do not remember your past life. The energy your soul carries from one life to the next does not expire or run out -- you will continue to carry it until you do something about it. Here are some signs that you may be carrying around baggage from your old life:

  • You continually fall into the same patterns and do not understand why.
  • Even when you know you are making the wrong decisions, you do it anyway.
  • You feel very empathic toward other people, even when they are in situations you have never experienced.
  • You have difficulty trusting people, and cannot explain why.

If you find yourself exhibiting behaviors and patterns that cannot be explained by circumstances in your current life, they may be stemming from a past one.

Discovering Your Past Lives

The first step is discovering your past life. When it comes to healing old lives and learning lessons, you cannot learn more about something you do not know exists. This spell will help you learn about who you once were, and what you need to do to heal and move on.

You will need:

Place the stone and herbs within the pouch, and hold it in both of your hands. Close your eyes, and visualize yourself peacefully dreaming of your past life. Ask the herbs and stone to bring you old memories and forgotten lives. Anoint the pouch with a drop of the oil.

Place the pouch under your pillow. As you lay down to sleep, say, "Tonight, I relive my past lives in my dreams. Show me the lessons I still need to learn."

When you awaken, write down everything you can remember. It is best to do this as soon as you wake up, so the memory is fresher. Interpret the bits of dreams that you remember for clues to your past lives and lessons.

Remembering and Healing Your Past Self

Once you have some clues about your past life or lives, you can begin recalling specific memories. Begin by writing down all of the clues you have gained from your dream work. If any of these relate to your current life, write that down as well. Keep this in a safe place, preferably with the paper or journal from the dream spell.

For this spell, you will need:

  • A sturdy container with a lid, like a jar or wooden box
  • A moonstone, preferably the same stone from the first spell
  • An amethyst, for relaxation and psychic work
  • A hematite, to link your current body to your past one
  • Rosemary, for memories
  • Jasmine, for relaxation and dreams
  • Chamomile, for past life recall

Layer the herbs in the container, and place the crystals on top. Holding the jar in both hands, say, "Safely back, safely back. Show me past life lessons, help me back on track."

Sit in a comfortable meditating position with the container in your hands. Close your eyes, and relax your mind. If you wish, you can light some incense -- frankincense or sandalwood are good choices here.

When your mind is still and calm, picture a long, straight hallway. Travel down this hallway. There is a door at the end of it. You know you will see your past life on the other side. When you are ready, open the door. What do you see? Listen to any messages your past life has for you. After they are done speaking, thank them, close the door, and return to the present.

Open your eyes. Write down everything you have seen and heard. Read it over again. What lessons are here? Did you receive any messages about your love life, finances, or other areas you struggle with? What did your past life want to tell you? This information is the basis for your healing. By working on these lessons in the present, you can overcome the energetic baggage of your past life and break the harmful patterns that have been following you.

Your past life is more than just the past. It is a collection of experiences, lessons, and energy that can follow you forever. By taking the time to discover and learn what your past self wants to tell you, you can heal your past life and release any unwanted energy.