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Remove Obstacles From Your Path with Saint Peter

Are you running into obstacles in your life? Do you work hard, but never seem to get anywhere? It is said that life never closes a door without opening a window, but that does not mean that that window will be easy to reach. If you seem to have nothing but trouble creating the life you want to have, Saint Peter may be able to help you clear away the obstacles between you and happiness.

Who is Saint Peter?

Saint Peter was one of the apostles of Jesus Christ in the Christian religion. He was the first leader of the church, and this is where he got his name. Saint Peter was originally called Simon, or Simeon. Jesus referred to him as "Petros," and states that on this rock ("petra") he would build his church.

According to Catholicism, Jesus also gave Peter the Keys to Heaven, as well as the power to bind or loosen things in both Earth and Heaven. According to one passage, he was locked away by King Herod, but an angel came to his aid and released him. As a result, Saint Peter is known as one who can open doors and remove all obstacles.

Creating a St. Peter Altar

One traditional way of requesting Saint Peter's aid involves using his emblem -- a key. You will also need:

Start by dressing the candle with the oil. Fill a vessel with the dirt, and set the candle securely in the center. Place the key in the bowl, in front of the candle. Light the incense, then the candle. Say...

Blessed Saint Peter,
Jesus entrusted you with the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.
You are the rock upon which he built his church.
Not even King Herod could lock you away.
Please, help open doors and remove obstacles in my life.
Help me to be kinder, more loving, and more grateful.
Clear my road to happiness and goodness.

If you wish, you can create a permanent altar to Saint Peter by placing the ritual objects in a safe place where they will not be disturbed. There, you can regularly light the candle and incense and repeat the prayer as needed. Otherwise, dispose of the candle remains, incense ash, and dirt at a crossroads along with an offering to Saint Peter. Keep the key with you as a talisman.

Petitioning St. Peter

If you do not have a key, or there are no crossroads near you, do not worry. Crossroads dirt and keys are two traditional ingredients for working with Saint Peter, but you can still honor Saint Peter and request his help without them. You will need:

Place the candle in a safe spot where it will not be disturbed. Set the medal or charm in front of it. Take a moment to clear your mind, then meditate briefly on the obstacles blocking you from happiness. Light the candle. Say...

Saint Peter,
I ask for your help in my time of need.
[Explain your situation], and I need your help.
Please, intercede on my behalf, and open all doors in front of me, as the angels opened yours.
Lead me to be better, kinder, and more compassionate, so that I might use my good fortune for the benefit of others. Amen.

Repeat this for seven nights, allowing the candle to burn a little more each night. At the end of the seventh night, dispose of the candle remains. Wear the medal or charm, or keep it in your pocket or purse.

A St. Peter Prayer for Intercession

In Catholicism, it is believed that Saints can be petitioned at any time, in any place. You can go to a peaceful spot in your home or outdoors, light some frankincense incense or resin, and recite a prayer. A variation on a traditional prayer goes...

Holy Peter,
You are the rock upon which God built his church.
I ask you to obtain for me:
Faith, hope, and love,
Patience, Humility, Purity,
Detachment from myself,
Contempt of the world,
And resignation to the will of the Creator.
Let me be made worthy of Heaven and the grace of God.
Open all roads before me,
And intercede on my behalf,
As the angels freed you from Herod's prison.

If you can, leave an offering of nine pennies at a four- or seven-way crossroads.

Saint Peter is a powerful presence who was entrusted with one of the highest authorities in Catholicism. Whenever you feel that the obstacles in your life are too much to bear, ask for his help. He has the power to help you overcome them, and open all of the doors that have been closed to you.