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New Year's Rituals For Cleansing, Wealth, and Joy

In the video, Lulu, the presenter, guides viewers through various New Year's rituals aimed at attracting wealth, cleansing energy, and manifesting joy. She begins by recommending a spiritual bath using a New Year's kit, which includes a bath and floor wash. This ritual involves lighting a New Year's candle, preparing the bath, and reflecting on the past year with gratitude while setting goals for the upcoming one.

Next, Lulu discusses cleansing the home to welcome positive vibes for the new year. This includes using camper, sage, or palosanto, and lighting a New Year's candle and incense. She instructs viewers to smudge themselves and their homes with these items, setting intentions to release negative energies and invite positivity.

Lulu then introduces a money bowl ritual for prosperity. This involves filling a bowl with coins, crystals, and other symbols of wealth, such as rice, green aventurine, iron pyrite, money oil, cinnamon bark, gold glitter, and ancestor money or a dollar bill. Each item is infused with intentions for financial abundance.

Lastly, she advises setting powerful intentions and affirmations for the new year by writing down aspirations, dreams, and goals, and creating a vision board to visually represent these desires. Lulu emphasizes that these rituals are not solely about financial gain but about aligning with prosperity and abundance. She concludes by expressing hope that these rituals empower viewers and bring abundance, joy, and gratitude into their lives in the coming year.