Mojo gris gris bag love attraction

How To Make a Mojo Bag To Attract Love

In this video, Lulu shows viewers how to create a mojo bag for attracting love. Mojo bags, also known as gris-gris bags, are small pouches believed to carry magical properties.

Lulu recommends a red or pink bag to symbolize love. For herbs, rose petals, lavender, and jasmine are suggested. Adding personal items like hair or a photo, along with love symbols, enhances the bag's connection. The supplies should be cleansed with sage and charged under moonlight or on a selenite plate.

Fill the bag with herbs and crystals while visualizing love. Seal it tightly and affirm your intentions. Carry the mojo bag always and periodically reinforce your desires.

Lulu's video provides a concise guide to creating a powerful mojo bag for finding and keeping love.