King solomon magician

Gain Wisdom and Power With King Solomon The Magician

King Solomon was the son of King David, and a man renowned for his great wisdom. Not only was he a powerful and wise king of Israel, but he was also considered a great magician. He was so powerful that, by the time of the European Renaissance, a large number of magical texts had been created in his name. Whether he was the true author of any of these is subject to debate, but one thing is for certain -- King Solomon was and still is considered to have powerful magical abilities.

King Solomon and the Spirit of Wisdom

It is important to note that demons in the past were not regarded the same way they are today. Though they were malevolent forces, they could be commanded and compelled to do work. Many of them were able to teach people things like herbalism and the language of animals.

In the Wisdom of Solomon, King Solomon talks about praying to the Spirit of Wisdom, "the fashioner of all things," and, in return, receiving knowledge about the forces and powers of spirits. It is thought that this is the first reference to his knowledge of controlling demons.

The Powers of Solomon

In Josephus' Antiquities, he mentions Solomon having written 3000 books of proverbs and over 1000 books of odes. He also goes on to discuss Solomon's ability to exorcise demons and heal the sick. The Epistle to Rehoboam is basically a guide from Solomon to his son, Rehoboam, on ways to use divination to gain health, wealth, and power. In the Nag Hammadi Codex, the author talks about Solomon using his demons to build a temple.

Other texts describe Solomon's ability to construct magic bottles for conjuring demons and use them to do things like seduce a wealthy woman, win court cases, protect soldiers in battle, create fires that do not burn, win horse races, and cause an enemy to have insomnia. Many of these forms of "low magic" are covered in The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon.

Using King Solomon's Power

As a magician, Solomon was tremendously powerful -- particularly in the areas of divination and compelling magic. The source of this power was his wisdom. He prayed long and hard to the Spirit of Wisdom to earn the knowledge he then passed down. Fortunately, you do not have to pray to the Spirit of Wisdom and write 3000 books of proverbs to benefit from his understanding!

In situations where you need wisdom and power, set an altar with 3 Kings Multicolor 7 day prayer candle, or a white candle. Anoint it with King Solomon oil, rubbing the oil into the wax in a clockwise direction from the middle of the candle toward the wick, then from the middle toward the base. Set some King Solomon incense in a fireproof dish, and light it. (If you prefer, you may also use 3 Kings incense on top of some self-lighting charcoal.) Set an M-4 Grand Symbol of Solomon Seal on the altar before the candle, along with a pen, quill, or another writing instrument.

As the incense smokes and the candle burns, sit quietly and visualize the solution you need. Why do you need the wisdom of Solomon? What areas of your life would benefit from his power? Picture yourself filled with his wisdom, using it to better yourself and the world around you.

When you are ready, write your desire on the back of the seal. Hold your hands over it, visualizing it filling with the power to help you. Snuff the candle, and carry the seal on you. Repeat the ritual as needed to keep the seal charged and your intentions focused.

King Solomon was able to control demons without putting himself in danger from them, and you can invoke this ability for your own protection from malevolent forces. Anoint a Pentagram of Solomon Amulet with some King Solomon oil, and pray to be protected from anything that would do you harm. Wear the amulet on you, and take a few moments to visualize yourself shielded by golden light every time you are headed into danger.

King Solomon was a man of tremendous wisdom and power, and some of his knowledge has been passed on in biblical apocrypha and magical texts. By using some of his power, you can help protect yourself from evil, as well as gain the wisdom and power to achieve your dreams.