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King Solomon the Magus: Master of the Djinns and Occult Traditions of East and West

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King Solomon the Magus offers an insightful study into King Solomon's role in ancient magic and esoteric lore. Drawing from religious and historical sources, it portrays Solomon's evolution from a wise ruler to a master magician, commanding supernatural and mystical beings like genies. The book explores global Solomonic magical traditions, his magical tools, and his legacy in folklore. This concise 288-page analysis highlights Solomon's enduring influence on ancient and modern occult practices, establishing him as a seminal figure in magical history.


King Solomon the Magus: Master of the Djinns and Occult Traditions of East and West by Claude Lecouteux is a comprehensive exploration of King Solomon's legacy as a prominent figure in ancient magic and esoteric traditions. Lecouteux delves into the Solomonic magical tradition, examining a wide array of sources including the Bible, the Koran, and the works of Flavius Josephus. The book highlights Solomon's diverse roles - from a wise king to a powerful magician with command over the supernatural.

Key features of the book include:

  • An in-depth look at the schools of Solomonic magic across the globe, encompassing seminal works like The Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon the King and The Hygromancy of Solomon.
  • Exploration of Solomon's magical arsenal, including his legendary ring, amulets, and the Philosopher's Stone, all of which granted him control over animals, weather, and supernatural entities like genies and djinns.
  • A comprehensive survey of Solomon's presence in global folklore, spanning various cultures from Armenia to Egypt, including his influence on the Bulgarian tradition linked to the Cathars.
  • 288 pages

The book provides an extensive portrayal of Solomon as an archetypal Magician-King, whose profound impact on magical practices and philosophies in the ancient world continues to resonate in contemporary occult traditions.